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Oh irony…

So, I get an email from Jo (the sister) yesterday re: her two-month relationship and that she’s sick of her boyfriend. He’s been spending the week with her here (at our old apartment) and basically the tone of the email (and the subsequent 15 text messages) is: “I just want him gone, I want him to leave, I want him out of my house.”

When we have a phone conversation about it later, she starts to cry (very rare – she’s not a cryer) and says, “Dating sucks. I don’t want to date. I want to be alone. I want to watch tv whenever I want to. I don’t want anyone to sit around bothering me. His very presence annoys me. He used my shampoo and left the lids open. And he used the decorative towel to dry off when he got out of the shower, even though I specified that it was decorative.”

While I sympathize with her (relationships are not always fun), I can’t help but see the irony in this situation, as just a few weeks ago, I was refereeing between her and Ducks on the exact same type of issues. In that instance, it was him complaining about the minutiae of things she does. And, I feel sorrier for myself in that situation than I did for either of them (poor me, I know *sarcasm*) because I love both of them and wanted them both to love each other …. or at least tolerate each other…. while all that she had to do to end her situation was break it off.

Which she did. Kind of stupid to end a relationship over shampoo caps I think, but this gives me a lot more perspective on these Type-A type people and their strange compulsions. When Ducks was getting annoyed with things, I felt like he was just exaggerating or maybe that he was jealous of my time. But now that I have two of them on my hands, I see that there must be something valid about these types of feelings. And, I’m assuming she’s happier, seeing as her email this morning announcing the break up was titled “Free at Last, Free at Last, Thank God Almighty I’m Free At Last” (no, I’m not kidding).

I personally don’t usually get that way about my stuff. Maybe it’s just because I’m a messy girl. Or that I spend a more time abstracted (aka with my nose in a book) than other people. The only time I’ve ever abruptly ended a relationship/situation of that nature is when I lived with a group of girls and someone ordered pay-per-view porn and wouldn’t fess up OR PAY FOR IT, then in the same week, one of them (I know exactly which one, too) stole a very sentimental piece of jewelry from me, a diamond cross my parents gave me for high school graduation.

Anyway, today my family is living proof that our friend irony is alive and well.

On a final note, I have discovered that someone else who is an alumnus or alumna of my university lives in my neighborhood. I saw the window decal. Let the stalking begin.

Dislike, Dislike!

Okay, really quickly, can I just say that I “dislike” all these “like” type buttons? On Facebook, here on WordPress, etc., etc? For example, in the past, someone I knew from high school posted something like this on Facebook,

“Stupid neighbor’s dog keeps barking all night. May have to find a way to dispose of dog.”

And, somehow my phone in my pocket decided to like this comment. I had no idea that I “liked” the idea of dog-napping, dog destruction and the like until I started getting notifications on Facebook that other people were commenting on his post encouraging dogicide. Luckily, on Facebook, it’s easy enough to unlike something.

But, what prompted this post just now?

I was reading one of the featured blogs on the wordpress home about snarky panties¬†and accidentally clicked like on the article. And, while I didn’t dislike it, I didn’t like it enough to announce my “like” to the world.

So, minor freak out on my part due to my ineptitude with some technology, which has now caused this post – dear tech world, quit trying to make me “like” so many things. I can like things privately and personally without always announcing my steadfast “like” to everyone else. My attitiude on like is somewhat similar to Miss Patty in Anne of the Island. She said, “[In my day] a girl did not say she loved turnips, in just the same tone as she might have said she loved her mother or her Savior. ” And I agree. If I “like” everything, it dilutes my true likes and dislikes.

Anyway, rant over. Thanks for listening! ūüôā

Working Woman Weekend

I took the day off Friday. There was no relaxing involved though, so don’t get too jealous. I took the day off to work on the house. I moved a couple of car loads of boxes and such, finished organizing the kitchen and then started the best and worst part of working on a house. PAINTING.

I love painting – I have actually even volunteered in the past to help others like my friends H and J (Side note:¬†HE PICKED OUT A RING! THEY’RE GETTING ENGAGED THIS MONTH! Since this blog is a secret, I can shout that message to the rooftops and not have to keep it to myself for another three weeks or so.). Anyway, back to painting. I hadn’t painted a room in years and years before helping H and J – not since I painted my room in high school – kind of a chalky blue, which didn’t end up working out so well as I had no money to purchase matching bedding. But again, I digress.

We helped H paint her house right before she and J moved in together, and that was a very fun, very social experience involving just a little of this:

Don't worry - she picked a much prettier color.

And a lot of this.

Don’t worry. The room turned out fine. Anyway, because I’ve always gone lighter to darker in paint color, I had never experienced the phenomenon known as primer. It’s a pain. The lady who owned our home before loved all these green and blue and whatever oceany colors and I like a much warmer palette. So, I have primed and primed and primed. And today, even though I’m back at work, this is what my body looks like:

Showering doesn’t help. Using exfoliating scrubs doesn’t help. Clawing it off with my fingernails doesn’t help. My entire body is a-speckle and that’s why, even though in Texas it’s eleventy-billion degrees outside, I’m wearing a long-sleeved shirt and black pants today. Sheesh.

Oh, and a law school update – Ducks got his class schedule this week! We’re just one step closer to school getting started. He doesn’t start class until 10 most days, which is a huge improvement over his current work/commute schedule where he leaves the house before 6 a.m. (and doesn’t get home until after 6 p.m.). Not having been to law school, I don’t know, but I think 10 sounds like a great start time since he can get up with me, go to school, review notes, etc., and be prepared for class without having to rush in the morning. I guess we’ll see how it works out once he gets started with his first semester next month!

Wishing you all a great week!

I’m in Love

And no, it’s not with my husband.

I find myself laying awake at night unable to sleep because I’m fantasizing about my new relationship. I talk about it continuously to my friends at work. I daydream about it. It affects my mood. It steals my time. In fact, I spent my whole lunch break yesterday shopping for things for this new relationship of mine. I stayed up long past when Ducks went to bed just so I could spend time with my new love. I’m taking the day off work tomorrow just so we can be together.

It’s my house.

I’m so in love with the idea of having a real home. I’m going around just trying to find nail holes to caulk or patches to mend. I stayed up til midnight last night putting down shelf paper and unpacking kitchen boxes (which, holy guacamole, who knew that I had so much kitchen stuff? Or that I’d actually legitimately have two boxes labeled platters?!).

I think a big part of the appeal is knowing that I’m actually going to live in this house for at least three years (while Ducks is in school) and probably more. In the seven years since I graduated high school, I’ve lived in dorm, apartment, apartment, duplex, duplex, apartment, apartment, apartment (yes, eight places and four cities in seven years), so I’ve never gotten attached to any location, never painted a room, never gone into decorative detail. In fact, in a few of those places, I never even hung a picture on the wall or did anything to make it homey.

So, the domestic side of my personality is LOVING this gigantic blank canvas to express my personality. But, at the same time, I’m nervous about it. How can I get everything done? How can we, a soon-to-be one income law school family afford to make our new home beautiful and functional? Why does the kitchen faucet drip non-stop? etc., etc., etc?

For those of you who have homes or are just talented at interiors and all that – do you have any tips on what to do first when moving in and getting acclimated? Also, any ideas for making the place beautiful and affordable?

(As an eye-candy treat, here are some pics of the house from when the previous owner was still living there)


Okay, so since I complained about my husband and his quirks, I need to post one of mine. I have a bad temper. I tend to dwell and brood on things and then behave irrationally. Maybe this is just called being a girl. I don’t know.

Last night, I was in a bad mood because:

1) Everything’s still not moved.

2) Our new house is two stories and is hot because I am cheap and keep the A/C turned way up or off.

3) I had to go to a meeting until 8:30.

4) When I finished the meeting, I had to go buy a shower curtain rod, etc., and got annoyed by all the things I wanted and couldn’t afford at Target.

5) My husband wasn’t answering¬†his phone.

So, when I finally get home, it’s 9:30 and I’m in a horrible mood. I walk in to a completely pitch black house, unsuspecting Ducks nowhere to be found, look around, accidentally drop the bag of hangers I bought at the store, creating a huge crash, try to find a light switch….any light switch….then storm upstairs. Into blazing heat. I mean, it’s like walking on the sun up there.

I try to turn on the staircase light. Nope. It’s the upstairs landing light. Then, I see my husband, all comfy and sleeping and sprawled all the way across both sides of the bed. He stirs around and asks, “What’s wrong?” Which, to me, is irritating. Because what’s wrong is that he’s asleep at 9:30 and doesn’t even care where I am or whether I made it home alive. But, I haven’t expressed that, obviously, so all that he knows to be “wrong” is that I turned on a light and kept him from sleeping soundly.¬†

I’m willing to let it go, just¬†wash my¬†face, take out my contacts and go to bed.¬†

I turn off the light to walk into my room in the darkness, thus considerately preserving his sleep. And then….this.

I actually¬†found this picture online, but you get the point. A cereal bowl. On the upstairs floor. In my path. On my side of the bed (the fact that I found a photo of a cereal bowl on the carpet online makes¬†me think this must be a common issue?). So, at that point, I freaked out, yelled at him and woke him up. It was one of those¬†yelling experiences where you hear yourself yelling, realize that you’re being ridiculous and are completely unable to stop yourself.

So, I basically went completely exorcist on this unsuspecting sleeping man, then went to the bathroom, turned on lights and made lots of noise. To state it plainly, I acted like a complete bitch.

And when I go back into the room to go to sleep, of course, he was¬†already sleeping again. When I got in bed, he rolled over in his half-sleep, kissed me and said, “I love you.” How could anyone stay mad with someone who is as adorable as¬†that?

Quick Pic: George

Here’s a quick photo of George, my in-law’s puppy, with my Ducks. What a handsome pair (okay, you’ll just have to take my word for it that Ducks is handsome – but I promise, he is gorgeous)! ūüėČ

Details on this past weekend’s wedding (and the events of MONDAY!!!) later.

Fact Friday

So… in the name of alliteration, I’m going to share a few facts about me on this lovely Friday afternoon.

1) I’m obsessed with college basketball. I’m the kind of girl who reads message boards. Yes, that girl. My proudest moment in this regard: when Ducks went on a bachelor party fishing trip, the groom said…in front of all the guys, “Man, Ducks is so lucky that he’s married to Meg. She knows more about sports than any other girl I know. And she lets him watch whatever he wants.” SCORE!

2) I hate looking at pictures of cells. The reason I mention this is – when I got the bruises from falling out of L’s car, I also got a little scratch. Because it hasn’t healed, I (as a hypochondriac) have decided it could be staph. I’ve never seen staff, so I had to look up some pictures. And, just looking at the little bacteria formations makes me shivery and ill. I mean, really, who wants to see this?

Okay, have officially creeped myself out now.

Umm…fact 3. I love the Tot toys they give away at Sonic. Really love them. I may possibly have even sweet-talked Sonic workers into giving them to me without the purchase of a WackyPack¬†(you can buy them separately for $1). This is my favorite one. Sometimes I hide him under Ducks’ pillow or something to scare him, because from a distance or in the dark, a MonkeyTot can look somewhat like a mouse. Right?

Monkey Tot!

4. In the same vein of enjoying college basketball, I enjoy any and all other sports, especially anything that involves filling out a bracket. Apparently, since I started at my new job, “the department’s become a lot more competitive.” As in, we fill out a bracket for everything. Case in point – my office wall today (go Forza¬†Azurri!)

WORLD CUP - Ole, ole, ole, ole!

5. This is supposed to be a blog about law school stuff, but since Ducks is not yet in law school, here’s a random law fact about me. At one point in my life, I thought I wanted to be a lawyer. I even took the LSAT and scored a decent score (159). But, then I decided that I preferred doing something that fit in with my major. And I definitely don’t regret it. One lawyer in the legally married family will be enough. ūüėČ

Okay, that’s all for today – have a glorious weekend! ūüôā