Fact Friday

So… in the name of alliteration, I’m going to share a few facts about me on this lovely Friday afternoon.

1) I’m obsessed with college basketball. I’m the kind of girl who reads message boards. Yes, that girl. My proudest moment in this regard: when Ducks went on a bachelor party fishing trip, the groom said…in front of all the guys, “Man, Ducks is so lucky that he’s married to Meg. She knows more about sports than any other girl I know. And she lets him watch whatever he wants.” SCORE!

2) I hate looking at pictures of cells. The reason I mention this is – when I got the bruises from falling out of L’s car, I also got a little scratch. Because it hasn’t healed, I (as a hypochondriac) have decided it could be staph. I’ve never seen staff, so I had to look up some pictures. And, just looking at the little bacteria formations makes me shivery and ill. I mean, really, who wants to see this?

Okay, have officially creeped myself out now.

Umm…fact 3. I love the Tot toys they give away at Sonic. Really love them. I may possibly have even sweet-talked Sonic workers into giving them to me without the purchase of a WackyPack (you can buy them separately for $1). This is my favorite one. Sometimes I hide him under Ducks’ pillow or something to scare him, because from a distance or in the dark, a MonkeyTot can look somewhat like a mouse. Right?

Monkey Tot!

4. In the same vein of enjoying college basketball, I enjoy any and all other sports, especially anything that involves filling out a bracket. Apparently, since I started at my new job, “the department’s become a lot more competitive.” As in, we fill out a bracket for everything. Case in point – my office wall today (go Forza Azurri!)

WORLD CUP - Ole, ole, ole, ole!

5. This is supposed to be a blog about law school stuff, but since Ducks is not yet in law school, here’s a random law fact about me. At one point in my life, I thought I wanted to be a lawyer. I even took the LSAT and scored a decent score (159). But, then I decided that I preferred doing something that fit in with my major. And I definitely don’t regret it. One lawyer in the legally married family will be enough. 😉

Okay, that’s all for today – have a glorious weekend! 🙂

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