Weddings and Travel and Such

We’re getting ready for the next round of weddings. We actually dodged one this past weekend – a childhood friend of mine. Not a best friend – and not even someone in the same class with me. So it was excusable. Plus, it was in my hometown, which is not only 6+ hours away but also a place that I don’t like to visit very often. It’s just too small, too insular and people are too nosey. 😉

This weekend, we’ve got another wedding for college friends. This one’s in Plano (near Dallas) so we’ve got quite a drive ahead of us.  The best part of the wedding weekend? We get to meet George! Who is George, you may ask? He’s my in-laws’ sweet new puppy!

Substitute Photo of George


So, this is not George – this is a picture of another sweet little Corgi that I found online. We’re very happy that my in-laws have him. Their previous dog, Scooter, was also a Corgi, and she was killed by some pitbulls belonging to their neighbors. So….now that my MIL is done with the school year, they’ve gotten a new dog. Since I want to get a dog after Ducks’ first year of school, I’m excited to see what the weekend will be like with a very young puppy.

But anyway, I digress. Back to weddings. I love weddings that I’m not in. The last one I went to – in March – my husband was a groomsman and I was just a guest. It was fantastic. You just get to drink, hang out, talk about basketball with your husbands’ friends because you don’t know any of the bridesmaids — suffice it to say, it’s good stuff.

The NEXT wedding – the following weekend – is in the far far north. In a state known for this.

Yep, that would be cheese. The wedding is in Wisconsin – that’s where the bride’s from. So, then after that we spend a couple of days in Chicago. It’s our last vacation for three years, thanks to law school, so hopefully it’ll be fun and memorable. Any advice on what to do? I’ve never been there.

Okay, so back to watching a lifetime movie with the sister. That whole situation has gotten better, but I will write about it later.

PS Brittany, thanks for commenting on my blog! I only have a handful of readers so far, but I’m excited to get to know you. My husband’s not going to the same law school as yours but we’re just an hour or so away!


One response to “Weddings and Travel and Such

  1. looks like you’ve got a lot of traveling going on this wedding season!

    luckily most of my friends held off until the fall – I’m taking the NY bar in July!

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