Okay, so since I complained about my husband and his quirks, I need to post one of mine. I have a bad temper. I tend to dwell and brood on things and then behave irrationally. Maybe this is just called being a girl. I don’t know.

Last night, I was in a bad mood because:

1) Everything’s still not moved.

2) Our new house is two stories and is hot because I am cheap and keep the A/C turned way up or off.

3) I had to go to a meeting until 8:30.

4) When I finished the meeting, I had to go buy a shower curtain rod, etc., and got annoyed by all the things I wanted and couldn’t afford at Target.

5) My husband wasn’t answering his phone.

So, when I finally get home, it’s 9:30 and I’m in a horrible mood. I walk in to a completely pitch black house, unsuspecting Ducks nowhere to be found, look around, accidentally drop the bag of hangers I bought at the store, creating a huge crash, try to find a light switch….any light switch….then storm upstairs. Into blazing heat. I mean, it’s like walking on the sun up there.

I try to turn on the staircase light. Nope. It’s the upstairs landing light. Then, I see my husband, all comfy and sleeping and sprawled all the way across both sides of the bed. He stirs around and asks, “What’s wrong?” Which, to me, is irritating. Because what’s wrong is that he’s asleep at 9:30 and doesn’t even care where I am or whether I made it home alive. But, I haven’t expressed that, obviously, so all that he knows to be “wrong” is that I turned on a light and kept him from sleeping soundly. 

I’m willing to let it go, just wash my face, take out my contacts and go to bed. 

I turn off the light to walk into my room in the darkness, thus considerately preserving his sleep. And then….this.

I actually found this picture online, but you get the point. A cereal bowl. On the upstairs floor. In my path. On my side of the bed (the fact that I found a photo of a cereal bowl on the carpet online makes me think this must be a common issue?). So, at that point, I freaked out, yelled at him and woke him up. It was one of those yelling experiences where you hear yourself yelling, realize that you’re being ridiculous and are completely unable to stop yourself.

So, I basically went completely exorcist on this unsuspecting sleeping man, then went to the bathroom, turned on lights and made lots of noise. To state it plainly, I acted like a complete bitch.

And when I go back into the room to go to sleep, of course, he was already sleeping again. When I got in bed, he rolled over in his half-sleep, kissed me and said, “I love you.” How could anyone stay mad with someone who is as adorable as that?

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