I’m in Love

And no, it’s not with my husband.

I find myself laying awake at night unable to sleep because I’m fantasizing about my new relationship. I talk about it continuously to my friends at work. I daydream about it. It affects my mood. It steals my time. In fact, I spent my whole lunch break yesterday shopping for things for this new relationship of mine. I stayed up long past when Ducks went to bed just so I could spend time with my new love. I’m taking the day off work tomorrow just so we can be together.

It’s my house.

I’m so in love with the idea of having a real home. I’m going around just trying to find nail holes to caulk or patches to mend. I stayed up til midnight last night putting down shelf paper and unpacking kitchen boxes (which, holy guacamole, who knew that I had so much kitchen stuff? Or that I’d actually legitimately have two boxes labeled platters?!).

I think a big part of the appeal is knowing that I’m actually going to live in this house for at least three years (while Ducks is in school) and probably more. In the seven years since I graduated high school, I’ve lived in dorm, apartment, apartment, duplex, duplex, apartment, apartment, apartment (yes, eight places and four cities in seven years), so I’ve never gotten attached to any location, never painted a room, never gone into decorative detail. In fact, in a few of those places, I never even hung a picture on the wall or did anything to make it homey.

So, the domestic side of my personality is LOVING this gigantic blank canvas to express my personality. But, at the same time, I’m nervous about it. How can I get everything done? How can we, a soon-to-be one income law school family afford to make our new home beautiful and functional? Why does the kitchen faucet drip non-stop? etc., etc., etc?

For those of you who have homes or are just talented at interiors and all that – do you have any tips on what to do first when moving in and getting acclimated? Also, any ideas for making the place beautiful and affordable?

(As an eye-candy treat, here are some pics of the house from when the previous owner was still living there)


One response to “I’m in Love

  1. I would LOVE to own a home and have exactly what you have, a blank canvas. But we will be renters for several more years, and as much as I’d love to paint and settle in, I am TERRIFIED of owning a home. You are so brave! I cannot imagine being financially responsible for a roof, a garage door, an air conditioning unit, a yard, etc., etc., etc.

    I think I have a little bit of decorating know-how, and since you have so much space and (I’m guessing, since you’re young and newlywed) not a whole lot of furniture and things you are super attached to, I’d focus first on the rooms you spend the most time in, probably your bed & bath, the living room, the kitchen, and your downstairs bath. This goes for any room, but find one thing you love and begin to build the room from that. Maybe it’s a rug, a headboard, or a lamp, or a pillow. From that one thing, pick an anchor, usually a rug. Maybe a large visual element. Then once you have those two things, pick a paint color. From there, add some furniture. If I were you, I would not invest too heavily in filling your house up with furniture. The thing about law school is there’s no guarantee where you will be geographically afterward, and I’d hate to have to sell off things I’d so carefully selected. (This is coming from personal situation, DH’s dream is to move to NYC after graduation.)

    Good luck!! and HAVE FUN 🙂

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