Working Woman Weekend

I took the day off Friday. There was no relaxing involved though, so don’t get too jealous. I took the day off to work on the house. I moved a couple of car loads of boxes and such, finished organizing the kitchen and then started the best and worst part of working on a house. PAINTING.

I love painting – I have actually even volunteered in the past to help others like my friends H and J (Side note: HE PICKED OUT A RING! THEY’RE GETTING ENGAGED THIS MONTH! Since this blog is a secret, I can shout that message to the rooftops and not have to keep it to myself for another three weeks or so.). Anyway, back to painting. I hadn’t painted a room in years and years before helping H and J – not since I painted my room in high school – kind of a chalky blue, which didn’t end up working out so well as I had no money to purchase matching bedding. But again, I digress.

We helped H paint her house right before she and J moved in together, and that was a very fun, very social experience involving just a little of this:

Don't worry - she picked a much prettier color.

And a lot of this.

Don’t worry. The room turned out fine. Anyway, because I’ve always gone lighter to darker in paint color, I had never experienced the phenomenon known as primer. It’s a pain. The lady who owned our home before loved all these green and blue and whatever oceany colors and I like a much warmer palette. So, I have primed and primed and primed. And today, even though I’m back at work, this is what my body looks like:

Showering doesn’t help. Using exfoliating scrubs doesn’t help. Clawing it off with my fingernails doesn’t help. My entire body is a-speckle and that’s why, even though in Texas it’s eleventy-billion degrees outside, I’m wearing a long-sleeved shirt and black pants today. Sheesh.

Oh, and a law school update – Ducks got his class schedule this week! We’re just one step closer to school getting started. He doesn’t start class until 10 most days, which is a huge improvement over his current work/commute schedule where he leaves the house before 6 a.m. (and doesn’t get home until after 6 p.m.). Not having been to law school, I don’t know, but I think 10 sounds like a great start time since he can get up with me, go to school, review notes, etc., and be prepared for class without having to rush in the morning. I guess we’ll see how it works out once he gets started with his first semester next month!

Wishing you all a great week!

5 responses to “Working Woman Weekend

  1. I would say, speaking from experience, secret blogs do not stay secret for very long!! My friends found out way before Above the Law reviewed by change. Blogger beware 🙂

  2. *they found it by chance, not by change. And they’re not even blog readers. Hmph!

    • @Brittany – We’ll hope it stays a secret for a little while – but I’m sure it’ll be revealed soon enough. 😉 I want to stay anonymous if I can because a big part of my job is social media related and I have many random people following my Twitter/viewing parts of my Facebook because they are aware of what I do for work – so I’d rather keep my blogging career a bit of a secret for as long as I can. 😉

      When my blog is as popular and fabulous as yours, I’ll have more to worry about – right now, it’s fairly unimposing! 🙂

  3. I had to comment on here because I saw your post on Whitney’s blog about the crystal deodorant. It made me laugh. I have been using that crystal deodorant for several months now and I really like it. I’m a chemical free type person and go for things without aluminum and parabens. I just thought it was funny how you were like “it’s a rock!” ha ha.. nice.

    Happy Tuesday!


    • Ha! Thanks for commenting/visiting my blog! As I’ve grown older, I’ve tried to be more conscientious about chemicals, etc., and can see where she was coming from. But as a kid, I was just like, “Mom, really? No soda, no chips and a rock for deodorant!?”

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