Dislike, Dislike!

Okay, really quickly, can I just say that I “dislike” all these “like” type buttons? On Facebook, here on WordPress, etc., etc? For example, in the past, someone I knew from high school posted something like this on Facebook,

“Stupid neighbor’s dog keeps barking all night. May have to find a way to dispose of dog.”

And, somehow my phone in my pocket decided to like this comment. I had no idea that I “liked” the idea of dog-napping, dog destruction and the like until I started getting notifications on Facebook that other people were commenting on his post encouraging dogicide. Luckily, on Facebook, it’s easy enough to unlike something.

But, what prompted this post just now?

I was reading one of the featured blogs on the wordpress home about snarky panties and accidentally clicked like on the article. And, while I didn’t dislike it, I didn’t like it enough to announce my “like” to the world.

So, minor freak out on my part due to my ineptitude with some technology, which has now caused this post – dear tech world, quit trying to make me “like” so many things. I can like things privately and personally without always announcing my steadfast “like” to everyone else. My attitiude on like is somewhat similar to Miss Patty in Anne of the Island. She said, “[In my day] a girl did not say she loved turnips, in just the same tone as she might have said she loved her mother or her Savior. ” And I agree. If I “like” everything, it dilutes my true likes and dislikes.

Anyway, rant over. Thanks for listening! 🙂


4 responses to “Dislike, Dislike!

  1. like so many other people, i just wish you were allowed to “dislike” as well. my only choices in this world are “like” and ambivalence?

  2. I’m sick of all the “like” buttons too. If only there was a “dislike” button on so many things I read on a daily basis. 😛

    • Ha @crystal @verymarried – it’s because we’re all part of the “self esteem generation (as Kidd Kraddick says). Our peers can’t stand the idea that someone might dislike something that they do. It’s like how they don’t keep score in little kid sports now, so no one gets upset. 😉

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