Oh irony…

So, I get an email from Jo (the sister) yesterday re: her two-month relationship and that she’s sick of her boyfriend. He’s been spending the week with her here (at our old apartment) and basically the tone of the email (and the subsequent 15 text messages) is: “I just want him gone, I want him to leave, I want him out of my house.”

When we have a phone conversation about it later, she starts to cry (very rare – she’s not a cryer) and says, “Dating sucks. I don’t want to date. I want to be alone. I want to watch tv whenever I want to. I don’t want anyone to sit around bothering me. His very presence annoys me. He used my shampoo and left the lids open. And he used the decorative towel to dry off when he got out of the shower, even though I specified that it was decorative.”

While I sympathize with her (relationships are not always fun), I can’t help but see the irony in this situation, as just a few weeks ago, I was refereeing between her and Ducks on the exact same type of issues. In that instance, it was him complaining about the minutiae of things she does. And, I feel sorrier for myself in that situation than I did for either of them (poor me, I know *sarcasm*) because I love both of them and wanted them both to love each other …. or at least tolerate each other…. while all that she had to do to end her situation was break it off.

Which she did. Kind of stupid to end a relationship over shampoo caps I think, but this gives me a lot more perspective on these Type-A type people and their strange compulsions. When Ducks was getting annoyed with things, I felt like he was just exaggerating or maybe that he was jealous of my time. But now that I have two of them on my hands, I see that there must be something valid about these types of feelings. And, I’m assuming she’s happier, seeing as her email this morning announcing the break up was titled “Free at Last, Free at Last, Thank God Almighty I’m Free At Last” (no, I’m not kidding).

I personally don’t usually get that way about my stuff. Maybe it’s just because I’m a messy girl. Or that I spend a more time abstracted (aka with my nose in a book) than other people. The only time I’ve ever abruptly ended a relationship/situation of that nature is when I lived with a group of girls and someone ordered pay-per-view porn and wouldn’t fess up OR PAY FOR IT, then in the same week, one of them (I know exactly which one, too) stole a very sentimental piece of jewelry from me, a diamond cross my parents gave me for high school graduation.

Anyway, today my family is living proof that our friend irony is alive and well.

On a final note, I have discovered that someone else who is an alumnus or alumna of my university lives in my neighborhood. I saw the window decal. Let the stalking begin.


4 responses to “Oh irony…

  1. Ha! I would guess that when she meets the right person, some of the smallest things will slide, like shampoo lids. I believe you find someone whose imperfections you can tolerate, and even if after a while they do become annoying, you have to take a deep breath, and thank the lord that he doesn’t (insert something even more annoying here)!

    • We’ll hope so. When you find the right person, you love them depsite the fact that they spent hours poring over fantasy baseball or that they steal the big fluffy towels from the bathroom (actually, in all honesty, that second one is me. I’m horrible about that!). 😉 Have a great FoJ! 🙂

  2. i TOTALLY stalk like that too. sometimes i take it to the next level and if i see someone with a tshirt i stop them on the street. “Hi! You went to X? I did too!” “uhh.. yeah. cool. i liked it there.”

  3. Ha! @VM – I love doing that to other people also! One thing that’s been great for me this year is that my alma mater did really well in a particular sport, so now, people all over the place want to start talking about the sport and the team when they see me wearing a college t-shirt. Love it! 🙂

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