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Domestic Success, Domestic Failure

So, one great thing about having a house is…having a yard. My yard is nothing special at all. It’s certainly nothing like Abbey‘s, another blogger who lives in the same city as me and whose blog pics I regularly drool over.

But, with this yard, and with my intent to save money, I’ve been trying to grow some vegetables. The tomatoes have been an unequivocal success. I made salsa with them (Alton’s recipe with a few modifications – minus the chili powder and plus some dried minced garlic) and it was so GOOD. I could literally have eaten/drunk/bathed in a vat of it – delish! 🙂  And, besides doing a little weeding, the excellent amounts of rain we’ve received lately have made them so easy to take care of. Here’s a pic of some of the “fruits of our harvest.” I go out and pick big handfuls of them every day.

But, beyond tomatoes, I seem to be helpless. I planted some bell pepper plants and despite vigilant care, they have already shrivelled and died. And this following picture is the most depressing exhibition of plant life I have ever seen.

I thought I would save so much money by just planting a few simple fresh herbs. Just a little basil, a little rosemary, a little oregano. Easy, right? Then, we’d have lots of extra flavor in our food without paying grocery store prices for little bundles of fresh herbs, right? Apparently not. I have no idea how to revive them. Water doesn’t work. Putting them in the sun doesn’t work. Putting them in the shade doesn’t work. Eek. Poor plants.

Anybody out there with a green thumb and a few words of advice? I would really love to revive these plants instead of having to go and purchase new ones, only to let them die also. As of right now, the inside of my house is officially declared a plant danger zone until further notice.

Why I Love My Husband: Reason #1

He rarely ever gets mad. And his attempts to placate me make me laugh.

Yesterday, I was being cranky and he decided to get a little sassy with a sarcastic comment. I then proceeded to yell at him. I said many things and wrapped up with, “You are just always MEAN and RUDE.”

His response? He came over and hugged me and said, “You are very nice and polite.”

And, so I laughed and got over it. I would have been looking for “nice and sweet” or something of that nature, but the polite reference as the opposite of rude (especially when I was acting the opposite of polite)  just gave me the giggles and made me forget what we were even fighting about.

Love, love, love. It’s good stuff. 😉


Oh… PS…almost forgot. Law School Wife, you were the closest on my gife card guessing game. We found $825 worth of gift cards. Can you believe it?! However, since you don’t like Starbucks, I can send you something still, or just send general brilliance points in your direction. And, Kate, I’d be happy to send the Starbucks card your way. Just email me at 🙂

Crime Doesn’t Pay…

But apparently, organization does!

Guess what happened today? Because I woke up early, I decided to work on reorganizing the pantry shelves. Our pantry contains both food items and bigger appliances (crockpots, mandoline, etc. – by the way, have no idea how to, and am kind of scared to, use the mandoline. If you listen to Kidd Kraddick, you’ll recall that he almost lost a part of a finger to one of those bad boys!).

So….while being a cleaning busy bee, I saw an old sorority jewelry box that my Big Sis gave me in college. And, when I opened it, I found….our bottlecap collection.

Ha. Okay, so, yes, I did find my husband’s somewhat-embarrassing collection of beer bottle caps. Even more embarrassing is the reason we no longer add to this collection (totally my fault), but I’ll save that for another day. But I digress.

Under the fondly-collected bottlecaps, there were….THESE!

Gift cards from the wedding! In the back of my mind, I knew these were somewhere around, being saved for the rainy day otherwise known as buying a house. But, wow, it was so nice to rediscover this little hoard. These should make a big difference in our interior design budget. Woo hoo!

So…I was extremely, knock-my-socks-off happy today. The moral of this story is that order may not breed chaos, but, if you’re naturally chaotic like me, it may breed some exciting results.

And, if anyone feels like amusing themselves with guessing how much I found in gift cards today, I’d be happy to send the closest guesser a $5 Starbucks card (don’t think this is a real giveaway or contest; my blog is far too humble to host a giveaway and $5 isn’t much of a giveaway anyway. I just want to spread the good gift card karma with you lovely blog-world ladies! If you are looking for a real giveaway though, you should go visit Natalie at!).

Chi-Town Review

With the sweet, sweet sounds of handyman labor all around me (yes, they’ve been here all day!), I’m sitting down for a blogging break. Joe the Handyman ousted me from the bathroom where I was priming, so I thought I’d finally get around to posting some pics from our Chicago/Wisconsin trip earlier this summer.

Hello, Chicago! Instead of waiting in line at the Sears Tower, I highly recommend that you go to the Signature Lounge at the Hancock Tower.

Good views and you can have a drink. 😉 I had a Sky High Martini, mainly because the name was appropriate. Will had Goose Island beer, a beer that’s brewed in Chicago. Very tasty.

The Bean! When we saw this, I had no idea what it was, but apparently its real name is Cloud Gate and it’s designed to look perfect and ready-made and it’s construction seams have all been removed so that you envision your own reality and such. There’s an incomplete architectural lesson for the day.

The Bean

Here’s a picture of my favorite painting in the Art Institute of Chicago. I asked the guard if I could take a picture and he said yes but no flash. So, I took a picture and the flash went off. Inexplicably. And, I had to run away and not get in trouble.
Paris Street; Rainy Day by Gustave Caillebotte

 Each evening in Chicago, we found live music to listen to. And, on on particular night, we scored an excellent music “deal.” We went to Buddy Guy’s Legends for Open Mic night. And, as a surprise, two pretty famous blues musicians were there: Buddy Guy himself (one of the top guitarists of all time) and Ronny Baker Brooks. I highly recommend that you listen to Ronny’s music, as he is excellent. Also, fun fact: Buddy Guy’s daughter is Shawnna, the girl that sings “Gettin’ Some.” Tons of useful knowledge for you here today.

And finally, the very very best place in all of Chicago. If I had a Bucket List of any sort, this place would have been on it……

CUBBIES! Wrigley Field! I have loved this park for as long as I’ve been watching baseball. It was an excellent, excellent outing.

We were so happy to have this time and this trip to spend together before school starts. Question for you other law school wives and girlfriends out there: have you had the time and the wherewithal to take trips/vacations during school or are you saving up for a big excursion after the bar? My friend Kara did a fabulous Europe trip when her husband graduated law school and I think I could go without vacation for a few years to be able to do the same.

And… There’s Chicago in a nutshell…or a bean, if you prefer. Now, I must go provide the handymen with my afternoon pizza bribe-snack.


Lately, we’ve been having handyman issues. I hate to complain because he’s doing the work for a song (seriously, super super cheap) but it’s a problem when both showers and two of three toilets are unusable. Actually, scratch that. The downstairs toilet is usable and the master one is….if you participated in the long jump competition in high school track.

Seriously. To use our bathroom, we literally have to get a running start and jump over where the handyman put down “mud” (whatever that is) on Tuesday, then failed to show up yesterday to get the job finished. And, bathing at home? Out of the question. Hello showers-at-the-gym-wearing-flip-flops. Bleh.

What is this handyman doing? Tiling our bathroom floors for one, because the person who lived in our house before had carpet in them. Um…hello…former-home-owner, the 70s called; they want their really-bad-even-then design aesthetic back. Also, we got a new faucet in the sink in the kitchen (yayayayayay! and….sheesh….what has my life come to, that I’m the kind of girl who’s this excited over a SINK/FAUCET?). Here it is – Ducks picked it out and I think he did an excellent job. He also did an excellent job of wrangling the handyman into installing it.

Here’s how that went:

Handyman (we’ll call him Joe): Okay, Ducks, I think we’re going to take our seventh break of the day after we “forgot to set our alarm” this morning and didn’t show up until 11 and didn’t complete the tiling in either bathroom so that you can perform basic personal hygiene functions in the comfort of your own home.

Ducks: No! You can’t leave! My wife is going to be really angry at all of us if this sink isn’t fixed today! She left orders that it HAD TO BE DONE BEFORE SHE CAME HOME (leaps in front of door to guard it from their possible escape).

Joe (in chorus with helper Pepe): Oh, no! The wrath! The horror! We’ll do it right away!

[[“Handy”men scurry away to install sink]]

At least this is how I imagined it happened, because when I returned from work, I ran into Pepe outside and he said in a very nervous voice, “Don’t worry, we’re getting that faucet put on right now. Your husband said you want it done today and we’re doing it.” To which I responded, “Oh, good, I guess he’s scared of me.” JOKING and trying to be jovial with the assistant handyman. And Pepe said in all seriousness, “Yes…he is! We’re very scared too!” Wow, my reputation (however false) precedes me.

But not scared enough to show up the next day. Or maybe too scared. Who knows? Should I bribe them to continue working?

Bug Problems

No, I’m not talking about with the new house (thank heaven, we seem to be done with that now that we’re out of an apartment).

I’m concerned about the onset of the baby bug.

Now, of course, is the world’s worst time to become susceptible to it, and when I think about it rationally, I know I DON’T want to have a baby at this point in time.

But why do they have to be so ridiculously cute? This week seems like it’s been a full on baby-attack. My old work bff at the other job, Lisa,  had a first birthday party for her little girl this weekend. Then, Monday, THREE people in my department at my current job had babies join their families this week – K and M had little Bella, our SVP has a new grandson and another co-worker has a new great-niece.

I feel like this “maybe I want a baby” attitude is a passing incidence – maybe like allergies – you know, when there’s a lot of pollen and plant reproduction in the air, you may become susceptible through no fault of your own! 😉  Also, the whole getting settled into a house thing is probably generating some angst too. But then I think about these inalienable facts:

1) I am only 26. I repeat, I am only 26.

2) My husband is about to start law school and thus would not be able to be fully involved (or fully helpful).

3) Apparently, according to a recent conversation, said husband thinks that the excruciating pain of labor is a myth. Actually, his exact words were, “It can’t be THAT bad or people would stop having kids.” I’m thinking that the whole birthing process has more to do with the later pay-off of having the child in your family and less to do with the fact that the pain’s not really so bad.

** Also, this came from a man who thought he might need to get stitches from a nick with a potato peeler. **

I think that Brittany (aka Law School Wife ) summed up my feelings on this very well a few posts ago, and I even commented on her blog about how my husband wants children and I didn’t yet. But, I don’t know that his reasoning is well thought out; for example, we had this conversation:

Ducks: Don’t you want to have a baby?

Me: They’re a lot of work. Have you ever been around a baby?

Ducks: No, but I’ve been around kids when I was one and I liked playing with them.

((And that, ladies, is the brilliant logic of a future lawyer at work. It’s amazing that he aced the logic games portion of the LSAT))

I’m sure it’s just a passing phase brought on by life changes and circumstances. My mom also didn’t help by sending me these pictures earlier this week:

Yep. Me – 25+ years ago. I can only think that a baby with my adorable husband would be cuter. 😉

Okay, no more thinking on this. Time to think about caffeine, wine or some of those other things that moms-to-be can’t have. Any other ideas on how to wait for this bug to pass? Happy Wednesday! :

Quick Pic: World’s Cutest Ballerina

Here’s a pic of little Miss Amy (my much younger sister) at her ballet recital. I also have amusing pics of her as a “Bieber Fever-ette,” but found this to be more elegant and all-around adorable. Sometimes, it’s just the best thing to have a sister so much younger. It’s like having a child without all the work involved in actually having a child. 😉