House Update

So, the in-laws are coming into town this weekend. Luckily, they’re not staying with us (not that I don’t love them or want them to, just that we don’t really have sleeping areas for other people yet). They’re here for a legal conference that my FIL is attending, so they’re staying at a swanky (there’s a Mad Men-esque word for Crystal!) golf resort in town. As they are the first extended family members to see the house, let me give you an update on what I’ve done so far. 

1) Hired handyman to fix broken step. 

2) Hired handyman to fix hole that some psycho punched in outside wall of house (yes, really). 

Literally the size of a basketball

3) Painted one room (from blah blue-green to Rain Lily yellow!!) 

Nothing in the room yet but lovely walls 😉

4) Primed one bathroom (no photo of this as it looks embarrassingly bad). 

5) Hung wreath that in-laws gave us on door to welcome them when they arrive! 

Welcome - come in!

And, yes, that would be all. I don’t mean the normal putting things away stuff that all civilized human beings do when they move into a house (although…that’s not all done yet either). I mean, the major things that I want to do to make the house my own. How in the world do people find time for all these things? I have a job, I have a 30-minute each way commute and I have a mandatory workout everyday (I have to bike 3,000 miles by the end of this year). When those things and making dinner are done, where does all the rest of the time go? 

Any suggestions/advice on how to get more done or squeeze more hours into the day? Also, where to get some inexpensive patio furniture so we can sit outside and enjoy the summer in between paint work and such? 😉

2 responses to “House Update

  1. If you come up with a way to have more time, let me know. We still have three rooms in our house that aren’t painted or furnished. I haven’t found the time to come up with a color scheme, paint the walls and shop for furniture and accessories. We just keep the doors closed to hide the piles of miscellaneous junk that we’ve stashed there, but I can’t do that forever.
    As for patio furniture, I keep thinking that estate sales would be a good place to look, but that brings me back to the time issue…
    BTW, I like your wreath. It adds some personality to the door. I need to get one for our front door.

    • Do you anticipate things slowing down ever, or do you have a really busy job? I know, for me, my current job is less stressful than places I have worked previously, but I’ve been trying to be a better cleaner, cook and all that, so that eats up the extra decorating time. Thanks – my in-laws gave me the wreath, and we also got a new doormat this weekend, so I’m feeling good about the entry to the house at least! 🙂

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