Praise for Another Lawyer

So, you might think that the life of a lawyer is all about work, followed by expensive dinners, golf, etc., etc.

In this vein, I’d like to pay a little homage to my father-in-law. He’s a very busy and hard-working lawyer, but he also has the good fortune to dictate his own schedule. So, during the past year-and-a-half, not only has he maintained his law practice, he’s also taken my mother-in-law across the state 20+ times for surgeries, chemo and all that goes along with it (she’s also amazing, but that’s not the point of this post). He’s taken care of issues with the remainder of the family (Ducks’ brother in college, other extended family members and such) at the same time.

So, obviously, with all his care for the rest of the family, he’s not playing golf. But, what about the expensive, glamorous dinners?

Nope. When my MIL was undergoing chemo, she met with a nutritionist at the state (and maybe the nation’s?) leading cancer research center. The nutritionist recommended a completely plant-based diet as the best dietary plan to prevent a recurrence of the cancer. And, therefore, she gave up all non-plant-based foods and my father-in-law did the same in order to support her.

And, in Texas, that’s a sacrifice. In the words of my adorable husband, “I couldn’t give meat up for a day. Or at least I wouldn’t want to.” And while I don’t eat meat everyday, I can see his point. I mean, it’s not just no steak, barbecue or burgers (which are good, but which we don’t really eat that often). It’s also no cheese, no salmon, no ICE CREAM.

That’s right. No ice cream – unless you eat the soy stuff, which she actually can’t because with the type of cancer she had, she can’t eat soy.

So, giving up everything but plant-based food, that’s what I call love. The Duckling comes from a great family. I’m lucky to have them and lucky that he has such good home training and great role models of a strong marriage to look up to. Here’s to hoping/believing he’ll “grow up” to be an equally good lawyer and husband.

***Part of the reason that I’m posting this is because they brought us some vegan food tonight from a local 100% vegan, 100% kosher restaurant. The entree had lots of vegetables, which were excellent, and some popcorn tofu, which I was not a big fan of. But, adding some shrimp – also forbidden in their meal plan- would have been a big improvement. I’m just sayin’. On the dessert, bleh….bleh….bleh. The less said the better on that. To eat that when you have a sugar craving would take epic and legendary love on my part). ***

**** I’m not criticizing or mocking vegans/vegetarians at all. I admire you guys and would love to be so discplined.  My sister Beth is a vegetarian, but she still eats dairy and eggs – I could live with that I think. Again, it’s the ice cream. 😉 ****


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