Bug Problems

No, I’m not talking about with the new house (thank heaven, we seem to be done with that now that we’re out of an apartment).

I’m concerned about the onset of the baby bug.

Now, of course, is the world’s worst time to become susceptible to it, and when I think about it rationally, I know I DON’T want to have a baby at this point in time.

But why do they have to be so ridiculously cute? This week seems like it’s been a full on baby-attack. My old work bff at the other job, Lisa,  had a first birthday party for her little girl this weekend. Then, Monday, THREE people in my department at my current job had babies join their families this week – K and M had little Bella, our SVP has a new grandson and another co-worker has a new great-niece.

I feel like this “maybe I want a baby” attitude is a passing incidence – maybe like allergies – you know, when there’s a lot of pollen and plant reproduction in the air, you may become susceptible through no fault of your own! 😉  Also, the whole getting settled into a house thing is probably generating some angst too. But then I think about these inalienable facts:

1) I am only 26. I repeat, I am only 26.

2) My husband is about to start law school and thus would not be able to be fully involved (or fully helpful).

3) Apparently, according to a recent conversation, said husband thinks that the excruciating pain of labor is a myth. Actually, his exact words were, “It can’t be THAT bad or people would stop having kids.” I’m thinking that the whole birthing process has more to do with the later pay-off of having the child in your family and less to do with the fact that the pain’s not really so bad.

** Also, this came from a man who thought he might need to get stitches from a nick with a potato peeler. **

I think that Brittany (aka Law School Wife ) summed up my feelings on this very well a few posts ago, and I even commented on her blog about how my husband wants children and I didn’t yet. But, I don’t know that his reasoning is well thought out; for example, we had this conversation:

Ducks: Don’t you want to have a baby?

Me: They’re a lot of work. Have you ever been around a baby?

Ducks: No, but I’ve been around kids when I was one and I liked playing with them.

((And that, ladies, is the brilliant logic of a future lawyer at work. It’s amazing that he aced the logic games portion of the LSAT))

I’m sure it’s just a passing phase brought on by life changes and circumstances. My mom also didn’t help by sending me these pictures earlier this week:

Yep. Me – 25+ years ago. I can only think that a baby with my adorable husband would be cuter. 😉

Okay, no more thinking on this. Time to think about caffeine, wine or some of those other things that moms-to-be can’t have. Any other ideas on how to wait for this bug to pass? Happy Wednesday! :

3 responses to “Bug Problems

  1. You’re too funny! I totally get what you’re going through. But, I have to update you! My baby fever is receding! Go back and read my comments, one of the very last ones is from a former law school wife who said she felt the same intensity of baby fever while she had nothing tangible to look forward to. At least for me, it made SO much sense! So much is on hold until after law school, and so much of that is so abstract and completely out of our control. Guess what is in our control? Babies!

    Also, when Ducks says it can’t be that bad because otherwise people wouldn’t do it? Pretty sure it’s a lot about sex! More than 50% of all pregnancies even in the US are still unplanned!

    • Very brilliant. 😉 There are so many other things out there in life that I want to do (and that I think most of us want to do) and when I think rationally about it, I know I’m not ready…and I actually freak out a little about all the responsibility involved! It’s just the pervasive baby atmosphere at my work right now! Glad that your fever is going down! 😉

      You guys have anything else fun planned for the summer? I wanted to go on another little trip or something pre-law school but the house is, of course, sucking away most of our time!

  2. Well said. You and I are about the same age and I can relate. My husband is about to apply to Physician Assistant school so the baby issue all around us but also a mute point.

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