Welcome Back, Old Friend!

Today at work, I noticed that my eye felt strange, like an accumulation of sleep was gathering around my eye. When I reached up to touch them, some type of foreign substance had indeed accumulated on my lashes. It was…..GASP….mascara!

Yes, I finally was able to wear mascara again today, after about a 2-month hiatus of scary-eye. Why, you might ask? It wasn’t Lent or anything, right? Nope. I had the eye infection from Hades, then following that, the eye doctor prescribed me new contacts that I was allergic to. Who knew you could even be allergic to contacts?

So, I spent two months+ wearing spectacle and I was afraid to put on mascara and aggravate the demon-that-was-my-cornea. Maybe it sounds like I’m exaggerating the severity of the infection and was just using it as an excuse not to put on makeup? Ladies and gentlemen (okay, really, just ladies, pretty sure no men read this blog), I give you: the infected oculus sinister.

Gruesome, no? But, now, after approximately 15 appointments, two different clinics and four different doctors, I have been proclaimed healed and cleared for contact wear. My oculus sinister is not so sinister anymore:

While I’m so thankful that it’s healed and back-to-normal, this type of situation is so scary to me. After all, vision is pretty important to being able to work or function. When we’re a real law school family with one income and a strict budget, how would we be able to afford a dozen eye appointments and co-pays? I know that Law School Wife has blogged about the frustration of health issues during school and I know that many people have much more daunting issues before them than an itchy red eye. But, how do you handle it? Do you have an emergency fund, or do you just hope for the best?

Anyway, you guys won’t see me today, but you’ll be happy to hear that I’m sporting both eye makeup and lipstick in honor of my recovered eyeball! 🙂


2 responses to “Welcome Back, Old Friend!

  1. Ugh, what eye infection was it? Junior year of college I had blepharitis for two months and it was awful. I mean, my eyes felt fine, but the top lids were so swollen because entire colonies of bacteria took up residents underneath them! GROSS! Blepharitis killed my social life that semester! Glad you are better! And even small things like this can set you back. That two month eye infection? $700–with insurance. YIKES! I feel you!

    • It was infiltrative keratitis. BLEH. Basically it was like having two little ulcers in my eye. But, blepharitis….yeesh. That name even sounds gross-out-ish. Poor Brittany! 🙂

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