Jumping off the Deep End

Okay, today we’re officially making the leap to one-income-family. It’s Mr. Legally Married (aka Ducks)’s last day of work! That means I’m making the transition to breadwinner and he’s making the transition to full-time student. Eeek!

I’m so proud of him for working so hard during the past four years at a job that hasn’t always been fun or filled with the nicest people. In spite of everything, he’s continued to be strong, have great character and turn his few enemies into friends. And, it’s been great work that’s prepared him for the type of law he hopes to practice in the future and helped him to make contacts with some friends who have promised to help him with job prospects in the future, so we’re very fortunate.  

To celebrate his last week, his work friends has a barbecue that we both attended (more on this – and my baking contributions later!).

Now he has about two weeks to relax, rest, get textbooks, get prepared, watch lawyer-type movies, be sweet to me, etc., etc.

I’m taking him out to dinner tonight to celebrate this new chapter starting in our lives. It’ll be our last nice dinner for the next three years probably. Love to my little Duckling. The next three years will go by quickly. 😉

PS The picture above has nothing to do with law school. I was just looking through my husband’s Facebook pictures and thought this was a good one because of the photo’s guest star. After all, if I’m going to obscure Ducks’ face with a big green heart, I might as well let you all have a look at LaDainian Tomlinson, one of our favorite professional athletes! 😉

4 responses to “Jumping off the Deep End

  1. wow! big step. As someone who recently ended her 3 year journey, i’ll say that it flies by but also creeps along at a caterpillar pace. Finals totally suck (esp first year) but I wish him the best – also, make sure he keeps up on his reading!

  2. Hey- since he is going to the same law school as my boyfriend (who just finished his first year), do you think he wants to buy books? I know Jeff was planning on selling his.

    Congrats on taking the leap!

    • Hey Kate – Unfortunately, he already bought his books and has taken them out of the wrappers already. 😦 But, we’ll have to stay in touch in case we can work something out for future books. How’s everything going? Maybe we should get the guys together at some point – I’m sure Ducks would welcome any information your BF can share about prepping for law school! 🙂

      • Too bad about the books… they are so expensive!

        Meeting up would be fun! I was just thinking about that today. Jeff is off taking his last final for summer session tonight… which means he’ll have more time in the evenings for the next couple of weeks. Send me an email (I can’t figure out how to find yours?).

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