The Jig is Up

Okay, friends, how do I tell my husband that I have been writing a secret blog?


Why is this coming up now? Because I really want to meet Kate, a local fellow blogger, since her boyfriend attends the same law school that Ducks will start this fall. And, of course, we’re always looking to add new friends. But, eventually in the conversation, I assume that the way we met (through blog world) will come up.

I don’t think it’s good to have secrets from your significant other; however, at the same time, I really like blogging. And, my husband can be super-private about things. I do not think he will appreciate knowing that I told you all the story of the cereal bowl, among other things (even though that particular story — and most of the other stories as well — made him sound like a saint and me like someone in need of an exorcism.

So, how do I reveal the existence of this super-sneaky blog without ending up going on a blogging hiatus for a while? Hmmm….as always, your advice is super-welcome. 🙂


6 responses to “The Jig is Up

  1. Well, my Hubs is super private too. . . at least when it comes to my writing life. But he knows how important writing is to me. And he knew when I began writing The Bitch’s Guide to Love, that at some point he would show up in my work.

    I don’t have any advice for you but I can tell you what we do. We agree that I will not mention his real name or put any picture of him anywhere. And I agreed that anything he asked me not to include would not be included. He also reads my blogs and articles frequently so he feels good about what he sees. It’s not perfect, but it’s how we compromised.

  2. I’m actually the private one while my husband doesn’t mind sharing random details. If you relay how blogging makes you feel and that you’re not being very public, I would think he’d be understanding!

  3. Haha. Sorry to cause this drama…

    One thought is that you could ease him into it by telling him we met by reading law school wife’s blog. Which is technically true…You found out we were in the same city because of a comment I wrote on one of her posts!

    Once he learns that you read other blogs, he might be more understanding about you having your own…

  4. I definitely think if you stress the fact that you’ve made friends and future support that he may understand. Your life is changing as well as his and it will help to know others that are going through the same thing.

  5. Hahaha eeeek! I can’t believe your blog was a secret from him! You are too funny! Glad you’ve filled him and he’s cool with it now 🙂

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