Confession of a Secret Blogger

Two posts in one day?! Why? Just wanted to update you all on my “The Jig is Up” post.

Because I know you’ve all been wondering and hardly able to sleep at night (tiny bit of hyperbole), I thought I should take a couple of minutes to ease your minds about the future state of my blog.

Thursday night, I steeled myself to tell Ducks about the blog. Here’s what I said.

Me: Ducks, I have to tell you something, but you have to promise not to get mad at me or be mean.

Ducks: What is it? (You’ll notice that he did not in fact promise).

Me: I’ve been stockpiling a big collection of porn in our house.

Ducks: WHAT?!

Me: See….obviously, you didn’t get too mad about THAT, so what I’m going to tell you isn’t nearly as bad as being a secret pornster.

Ducks (exasperated): Just tell me.

Me (at high speed): Umm…I have a secret blog….and I hope that you won’t be mad at me or make me stop writing it because I really like it… and it’s anonymous…. and I’m sorry I didn’t tell you before….you know, when you asked me if I had a blog….anyway, so are you mad?

Ducks: I asked you if you had a blog?

And, it turns out that he wasn’t mad at all. He had asked me before when I told him that I was reading other law school wives/girlfriends blogs and of course I lied about it and endured the ensuing guilt. But then, once that I told him, it was a huge relief and he actually liked the idea. Especially when he knew it was anonymous. And he laughed when he saw the pictures with his face covered.

So, the blog is safe, my marriage is happy and all is good in Legally Married Land.

What about y’all? Have you ever kept a big secret from your significant other? Did you reveal it or just keep it to yourself?


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