What a Week….

Okay, this is a blog post I intended to write a while ago but never got around to it. Our weekend was literally filled with experiences for the lower echelons of society.

Let’s start with last Saturday. We began the day by working out, then Ducks wanted to go to Costco (not to shop, just to wander around eating samples – classy, right?). When we got home, we opened up some cans of paint to work on the upstairs and that’s when all Hades broke loose.

I walked into the bedroom to grab my iPhone so we could have some music during the painting session and noticed a missed call/voicemail from a number I didn’t recognize. When I listened to the message, I immediately began hyperventilating. It said, “I’m calling for Mrs. Legally Married. We have your sister at the emergency room at XYZ Hospital. We need you to come and pick her up.”

Since my sister had gone with friends to float the river that day, I immediately began to visualize all the horrible things that could have happened to her. Passed out, drowned, concussion, raped, crashed on rocks, etc., etc. When I called the hospital back, they told me that the police had brought her in, which only made me more upset. We drove the 45 minutes to the hospital where she was, were taken into the emergency room and saw her laying on a bed in the hallway looking tiny and pale and with an IV and other cords connected to her. Obviously, I assumed she’d been drinking and was suffering from that, so while I was scared for her, I was a little annoyed that she had been so careless and not taken care of herself or used good judgment.

We sat there and waited as the hospital staff realized that she hadn’t actually been getting anything from the IV because they have pinched the cord between the wall and the bed, then waited for her to get some fluids in before leaving. Obviously, as she’d been picked up at the river, she had no phone, no keys, no ID and no clothes. The nurse who discharged her was kind enough to give her a scrub top, a pair of shorts and some no-slip men’s XXL socks. Needless to say, she was quite a picture when she walked out.

Once that we left the hospital, I heard the whole story. According to Jo, she:

– got separated from her friends

– paddled over to the side of the river and sat on the bank

– was approached by the police and asked why she wasn’t in the river

– told them that she was waiting for her friends

– was told that since she was out of the river, she’d need to choose whether to go to the hospital or to go to jail

– decided that hospital was probably the better decision

She wasn’t offered a breathalyzer test; she hadn’t passed out; she was, and my friend L who was there corroborates, sober and behaving normally. But, thanks to the overzealous police, she was stuck in the hospital and charged $300 for an IV. I understand that they do want to be cautious when this type of situation arises because people do die on the river, but really?

So, on with the week. Tuesday, same little sister calls. Keep in mind that  it’s the last week of her internship and her last week visiting us. Here’s how that phone call went.

Jo: Hey….I think that someone broke into the apartment. My computer’s gone.

General panic ensues.

And, yes, that was indeed what happened. So, we called the police and filed a police report. We think it was the maintenance people as there were no signs of forced entry. I’m usually not a vengeful person, but I hope whoever did that really truly burns in Hades. I felt so horrible for my sister – she’s been working hard all summer to make money for the school year and she has to pay for:

1) Car repairs from where an 18-wheeler hit-and-ran her on the interstate

2) Hospital bill

3) New computer

Bleh. At least she didn’t have to pay for a place to stay this summer besides a nominal amount to help with bills. But, still, just frustrating. If I were her, I would have broken down into panic attack/tears/random shrieking at this point.

But wait – it gets better.

Thursday night,  invited a group of her friends and my friends to all go out for happy hour as a sort of send-off party. A great time was had by all, etc., etc., then afterwards, Jo was planning to spend the night with us as I didn’t want her at the apartment alone following the burglary. We left in separate cars and then after an hour, she still hadn’t arrived at the casa. Bad, bad news, right?

I was already kind of mad because she hadn’t introduced me to some of her friends during the evening and I felt like maybe she didn’t want to be seen with me or something. So, then, when she finally called me back after a text message and two phone calls, saying that she needed to be picked up because she was lost, I was not happy.

We actually spent the entire next day not speaking to each other and I certainly didn’t acknowledge her going-away gifts from work, etc. Finally, she came to apologize to me for having to pick her up and I burst into tears about her being ashamed of me being her sister (I know – highly dramatic, right?). At that point, we made up. We never go very long being mad or upset with each other – that’s why I truly do have the world’s best sisters. 😉

Anyway, once that we “made up,” she told me that she had actually called me the night before because she was upset because she had gotten a ticket for going the wrong way on a one-way street. Geez. To recap, in the span of less than seven days, my poor little sister was:

1) Hospitalized after floating on the river

2) Robbed

3) Finished with her internship (meaning no more money and having to go back to school)

4) Ticketed

5) Lost

6) In a fight with me (which actually is bad, because we never fight and love each other)

7) Exiled from our city and sent back to our hometown with my parents, which can technically be considered a form of cruel and unusual punishment

I’m going to miss her, and I think Ducks is going to also, as they seemed to iron out their differences and get along as the summer progressed.

This weekend was much better, for me at least, especially since I took Monday off from work (hallelujah!) but I’ll have to recap that later.

How was your week/weekend?

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