New Things

Today is the first day of law school for Ducks! This morning, in spite of his protests, I took his picture while he was leaving for school. And by “in spite of his protests,” I mean that I chased him out to the car with my hair in a towel while he tried to run away. But, I got it, so for posterity’s sake, here’s Ducks headed out for his first day of class.

We actually got off to a very good start this morning. As he headed out the door, we had already been to the gym and I actually (insert gasps here) made breakfast for him – egg and turkey taquitos and a banana smoothie. Super healthy lifestyle, right? I doubt that it lasts long, but it was a good start.

As Ducks got in the car for his first day, armed with books and laptop, we noticed the family across the street doing much the same things that we were. Both parents were outside, loading things into the car and their little son, Chris, was bouncing with anticipation. Today was his first day of school as well. A few weeks ago when we first met Chris, he told me, “I’m going to kindergarten this year. I used to go to a baby school, but now I’m big.”

So, he’s starting his very first day of school, of learning and of the road to becoming “big.” It was wonderful to see that both his parents were there on hand to get him ready and to accompany him on his first day. And, it was wonderful to see all the excitement in his sweet little face as he anticipated this whole new, mysterious world of kindergarten.

We’re doing the same thing today. Getting ready to jump into a new world – to take the first steps toward a new career and a different life. When Ducks called me on his drive, I asked him, “Are you excited?” and he said, “Yes, and a little nervous.” As we grow up, we lose the excitement that Chris has, the idea that every step ahead of us is filled with something new and wonderful. We are headed into law school with a little more trepidation, a little more understanding of what’s ahead, but still with the inner excitement that this is the beginning of something really, truly great.

Best of luck to all you lawyers (and doctors, Kate!) in the making, as well as to the wives, girlfriends and as you get started with a new year.  Hope that you keep that same excitement throughout the year that our little neighbor Chris had on his first day!


5 responses to “New Things

  1. Good luck to him! (Well actually I don’t believe in luck so maybe I’ll wish him persistence and confidence!) I love new beginnings. It’s why I love Mondays, the first of the month and the first day of the year. So many possibilities in the air.

  2. Hope he has a great first day! So funny about taking your hubby’s picture… I threatened to take a picture of J this morning on his first day as a 2 L, but unfortunately I had to leave for work before he was dressed in his law school best. Haha

  3. I love that you took his picture. I wanted my husband to take my picture, but I chickened out and didn’t ask him! Maybe I’ll post a pic someday of the giant bruises starting on my shoulders. Yowza, those books are heavy!!

    Good luck with your 1L year, Ducks!

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