Two Days In

Okay, we’ve been an official law school family for two days. Actually, technically for three mornings and two nights.

How’s it going, you may ask? Very well. Ducks is enjoying all his classes and is staying on top of his reading so far. Consequently, so am I. I had this brilliant idea that I would just read all his textbooks with him, learn to brief cases, etc., then take the bar when he does. Sounds smart, right? I’m a really fast reader and retain information well (this is an excellent talent to have, especially when you’re fighting with your husband and want to bring up an incident that happened seven years ago when you first started dating).

Anyway, with this reading thing, I thought I could game the system, get a legal education without attending class and become a bar-passing, certified really truly lawyer. Well, apparently you can’t. It’s not because I don’t understand the eggshell skull rule or about how Popov and Hayashi fought over a Barry Bonds baseball and the judge ended up solving the case Solomon-style. It’s because in the state of Texas you can’t take the bar exam unless you have a degree from a law school.

The movie “Catch Me if You Can” totally led me astray on this one. But then, that was Louisiana, and therefore, while a decent state, just not Texas. If we lived in California, it might be a different story.

I’m really being facetious here. I know there’s no way I would actually keep up with the reading on my own or comprehend it fully without class lectures to soak it all in, but it’s still an intriguing thought. And, I’m learning some interesting things about law. Mainly the funny stories are the ones that stick out to me. I think the people who write these text books really do have a sense of humor. In the previously mentioned Popov v. Hayashi, the footnote on the case said something like, “A witness reported seeing Hayashi had bitten a fellow fan’s leg, but that is considered immaterial.” Funny stuff, people.

But anyway, I digress. Ducks is enjoying school. He’s forgotten to take his lunch to campus twice and has consequently eaten at Subway instead (I think there’s a trend of disdain for a homemade turkey sandwich here….). He’s making friends, reading, briefing and doing all those things that lawyers are supposed to do.

How are you guys doing? I want to hear all about it! 🙂


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