Blast from the Past

Based on a tweet exchange with P.S. Jones, I have a very interesting historical artifact to share with you today.

Ladies and well…probably just ladies….I present to you….

the Trapper Keeper.

Ooooh. Ahhhh.

Yesterday, P.S. Jones asked on Twitter, “Who remembers owning a trapper keeper? And do kids today (what am I, 80?) still use them? Bc I want one. Bad.” And, wonder upon wonders, I actually do still have one. I think it was actually a hand-me-down from either my cousin or from Amanda, an older girl who lived across the street from me, because I definitely don’t remember ever using it for school. But, it’s still extraordinarily cool. I dug it out of a moving box in the closet this morning to take the pics above and it’s filled with all these short stories and the 165 pages of my unfinished novel I wrote in eighth grade (very depressing stuff about a girl with cancer…eek). Back to the Trapper Keeper. They actually do sell them still, sort of, but none of the new ones have the cacpohony of exploding hearts

So, there it is. Ducks’ giant backpack that we got from Office Max this week has zero of the cool cache that this old thing has. Ha! And speaking of Ducks’ backpack, I’m pretty more than Noah’s family might have survived the flood if they had that massive thing to float around in. He said a girl commented on it after class one day and said, “Wow, that’s a lot of luggage you’re carrying down there.” When he told me, I said, “Maybe she wasn’t talking about the backpack (wicked wink).” But that only earned me a dirty look. Apparently, flattery and innuendo don’t get you everywhere.

Alright, that’s enough random rambling. HAPPY, GLORIOUS FRIDAY!


5 responses to “Blast from the Past

  1. OMG, Trapper Keepers! They were plasticy, velcrowy amazingness! I don’t remember the patterns on mine, but the budding organizer in me loved the folders inside!

  2. Hahaha! I had Lisa Frank stickers all over mine. You know, I think I loved them so much because there were so many pockets for things. I’m one of those people you can get to buy almost anything if it has a ton of compartments for me stick stuff in.

  3. Did you ever have the zip-up binders by 5-star? I loved those! Probably because I could put pens and highlighters in the sides and none of my wayward papers would fall out. Blast from the past for sure!

  4. Ahh memories… I loved Trapper Keepers. I had a hot pink and black one. (“Hot pink,” who even says that now?) We weren’t allow to have them at school. Probably because of the Velcro noise they made every time you opened them.

    • @kate – YES! I had one of those. It basically just ended up being stuffed with junk though. Unlike the rest of you guys (kate, PS and CNC) who are talking about how organized you are, I basically just walked around school with backpack, desk, binders and locked full of garbage and scrunched up pieces of paper. 😉

      @abbey – i think the default on pink has become hot pink thanks to our girl, Elle Woods. 😉

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