Labor Day

Happy four-day week, people.

This weekend, we got some more furniture from my parents. This is good; however, some of it is too heavy to move from the truck to the house between only Ducks and myself. So, that limited us to the use of one vehicle for the remainder of the weekend until Ducks found a strong friend to come over and help move this gargantuan 17-ton armoire.

Sunday, I let him take the car and I stayed at home. It was fine. I did chores, organized a closet (yay me!) and watched a tremendous amount of Project Runway. I didn’t really WANT to go anywhere, but it’s kind of weird just to feel quarantined to your house. So, the next day, I decided to venture into previously untraversed grounds. And by that, I mean — I went to the law library.

It was so strange to be back in a library and not looking for something like The Red Queen (which, OMGoodness, I want to read so badly) or Julie and Julia on audiobook. It was also strange to feel the quietness. I don’t know about your institutions of undergraduate learning, but for me, the library was about 80 percent chat and drink knock-off Starbucks, 5 percent texting/looking at Facebook and …maybe…15 percent studying.

Law school library = completely different. No one talks. Ever. People get little rooms and get out their books and actually read them. They whisper when they’re in the lobby. They even whisper “thank you” when you hold the door open for them. I put 75 cents in a vending machine to get a soda and thought I might be attacked by a lynch mob of one kid silently munching a hot pocket while glaring at some scary-looking textbook. And, people, this vending machine was in the student lounge area. Not really the place to go if you’re looking for quite study time. I didn’t even venture to try for a Rice Krispie treat from the other machine – that might have pushed Hot Pocket Boy right over the edge.

Anyway, while Ducks diligently labored over Civil Procedure, I was happy to see that I hadn’t lost my library study habits. I wrote a few pages in my current novel-journal (I can’t type fictional stuff -I have to write it on paper. Weird.). Then, I checked out Facebook – obviously a studying prerequisite. I decided to read a case then, just to see what was happening in the fabulous world of property law – it was about a Hungarian lady who died and wrote her husband a letter about her money. She signed her letter (in Hungarian, obviously), “Your Kissing, Loving Wife.” Which I found weird – maybe it was a lost-in-translation kind of thing. Property law and torts are my favorite classes, mainly because the cases are just muy bizarre. Which I like. It’s too bad that I’m a sick girl who’s just reading this nonsense for fun.

Having been practical at that point, I decided it would be much more interesting to NOT read — or at least not read a textbook — and instead, check out the “Find the Pineapple” page for Psych, which, if you don’t watch it, is a freakishly hilarious show. Ducks thinks it’s just the Scrubs of the police show world, but it’s so much better. And, there’s a pineapple hidden in every episode. Which I have never actually found but there’s hope. Especially now that I’ve found the message board that explains where they are hidden (mwahaha).

And, people, did you know there’s literally a message board for every topic in the world? And that each message board is full of people who are crazy-passionate about these topics? Yep.

Anyway, so while I didn’t accomplish much at the library besides keeping myself amused for 7 hours and fetching us lunch, Ducks actually did get a lot done. He said my presence was helpful because it kept him from taking breaks and….of course…. checking on his fantasy teams.

So, you may get a lot more weekend blog posts from me in the future, because I’ll be chilling at the library Sunday afternoons with nothing-freaking-else to do. Awesome.

How was YOUR long weekend? I have cupcake pics to post tomorrow, but that’s another story. 😉


6 responses to “Labor Day

  1. I gotta check out “Psych”. I heard it’s good and a blogger buddy works on the show too.

    Glad you got more furniture. That’s funny about the library – our grad school library wasn’t super quiet but there was the occasional glare from someone studying.

    I’m in SoCal and loving the weather and time with family and friends!

  2. Oh I *hate* that about the law library. I need a little noise to study, or at least some signs of freaking life. In our libs, you can hear a pin drop. Today, I saw a bug, squealed (screamed?) and got yelled at by 2 different students AND the librarian. HELLO THERE WAS A BUG!

    I miss the days of the ugrad library. Sometimes I work in our student lounge just to avoid hearing my own thoughts…..

  3. Haha. I ventured with the husband to the law library and I came to the same conclusions. We had a quiet floor in our library, but mostly people went to sleep. The law library? Creepy and full of people who just gave me evil glares as I pulled out my fiction book to read as they were pouring over law books. Maybe we can gchat the next time we go, except the click of the keys might make hot pocket boy go postal…

    • @NewTeacherWife – We SHOULD gchat. I solemnly swear that I will type very quietly. 😉 What kind of fiction do you read?
      @Jamie – so with you. I am an enemy of bugs, but even more so of geckos. Gag. I would be in so much trouble at your library.
      @CNC – Yes, you should! And point me in the direction of your Psych-working friend’s blog. Sounds like you’re having a blast in SoCal – I’m SoJeal (and now so ashamed of my cheesy abbrev.).

  4. I can’t get over that you and ntnw go to the law library! And survive the death stares! There is really nothing that could get me to go to the law library. You two are brave!

    • @LSW – Yeah, I saw on Twitter (from NTNW) that you don’t recommend it, but I couldn’t see your original tweet. Do you think it’s bad for your husband’s study habits or bad for his relationships w/other students? Or something else? Please advise – you’re more seasoned in the ways of law school marriage maintenance. 😉

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