Why I Love My Husband: Reason #2

First, news report: it’s raining in Texas. A lot. This girl Hermine is wreaking a lot of havoc with our ecosystem here. And, for the love of Harry Potter, why can’t weatherpeople spell Hermoine as JK Rowling obviously intended?

Seriously, though, the rain is good for our lawn and it’s good for cooling things off here. What it’s not so good for: studying apparently.

Since it’s Texas and we have issues with adjusting to any weather besides 7000 degrees hot, obviously the infrastructure of our cities can’t tolerate a few drops of rain. Oh, no, at the first hint of rain, most of our city lost power. We didn’t at work but they did at Ducks’ school. He stays on campus most of the day to study and a little before noon, I received this text message:

“Electricity keeps going out at school. I need a miner’s head flashlight! Seriously.”

Okay, so when 99 percent of people send that type of text, you’d automatically assume it was meant to be humorous, right?

Well, Ducks is in that other one percent, I guess. When I got home from work, sitting nonchalantly on the kitchen counter was – you guessed it- one of those light things that goes on your head. I had no idea that those items could be purchase anywhere besides Pickaxes R Us but my husband can truly find anything he sets his mind to.

While this is funny, this is not actually the reason why I love him. I love him because, despite many protests, he allowed me to go with him into our downstairs bathroom, turn off the lights and take his picture. What an adorable good sport.

(he said, “this I really not necessary because you’re just going to blur out my face and put it in your blog.” maybe true – but still totally necessary, don’t you agree?)

And for the record, he hadn’t actually opened the package when I got home, so the forehead flashlight was not actually put to use at law school. But I think he’d make some sort of name for himself if he did use it.

On second thought, excuse me. I’ve got a flashlight to hide.

5 responses to “Why I Love My Husband: Reason #2


    Wouldn’t it be cool if they could do only Harry Potter names this year? In honor of the final movies! That would make hurricanes almost worth the trouble…

  2. I must now make sure my husband doesn’t see this post. He already has one of those headlights and I don’t need him getting any ideas and taking his head lamp to the library.

    And yes, they should name everything after Harry Potter so that the world would be a happier place. Ha

  3. Awesome. I LOVE the studying enthusiasm and wish that we possessed more of that at our house!

    I’m glad he’s prepared for next time. But if he’s anything like J, give him another month and he will respond to the law library lights going out with “well, tooooo bad, guess I dont have to study anymore today!!”

  4. Too funny–glad he is a good sport.

  5. That. Is. Incredible.

    I’d crack up if I saw anyone in our library using a head lamp after the lights went out. Luckily, I don’t know if I’ve ever been on campus during a power outage… but I know that *I* would use it as an excuse to take a nap. Quiet libraries are awesome enough, but quiet DARK libraries? omg

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