Decisions, Decisions

Okay, blog readers, I feel the need to take a little poll. Since you already know about my husband’s all-consuming obsession with sports, and with college sports in particular, I must ask you this.

Should we, or should we not, go to our college’s football game this weekend?

Reasons Why We Should Go:

It’s still early in the semester.

It’s still early in the season.

Our team will win, and of course, we want to be part of it.

Ducks is completely up-to-date on reading.

Ducks really wants to go.

He usually doesn’t do a lot of studying on Saturdays – tries to take a bit of a break for at least part of the day.

My parents will be there.

Reasons Why We Should Not Go:

It’s a long drive.

Gas money and tickets are expensive.

He should probably spend the time studying.

I have to work at a volunteer project in the morning.

My parents will be there.

So, the options are thus:

A. Attend the game and don’t study – spend the day taking a break.

B. Don’t attend the game – get ahead on reading and work.

C. Study in the morning, then go to the game in the afternoon.

Our fates rest in your hands, blog readers! Let me know whether I should be piling on my school spirit a la New Teacher New Wife’s post, or whether I should diligently do chores (and maybe some painting) while my husband studies it up.


5 responses to “Decisions, Decisions

  1. This is a hard one! I would say, given the money involved and the time away from studying that could be otherwise spent on other leisure activities, that I would not go if you didn’t also want to go badly, too (but if you really want to go, you should!). One of the biggest adjustments for us as a couple last year was redefining our hang out time. My husband studies at home, which is wonderful, but all of that time of him reading in one room while I’m watching a marathon of The Office in the other room? It’s nice, but it isn’t hanging out. And nothing made me more stingy with my no-books-allowed-quality-time than football. Football around here generally takes up the entire day between the pre-gaming, the tailgating, the actual game, and then whatever game is on TV afterward. So my husband would take all day Saturday off for football, and then study all day Sunday. This made me Grumpy with a capital G! Because while I enjoy a good tailgate, I really hate standing outside in 100 degree heat for 3-4 hours. Anyway. This long, rambling personal story is that I don’t like football taking up all of my husband’s downtime on the weekend, so if I were given such a choice as this, I would say don’t go. Enjoy doing something else together that costs a lot less and is something you both enjoy 🙂 But that is just my very long two cents!

  2. I am in favor of ‘A.’ It’s an important discipline to take a day of rest. If DH’s studying is up to date and you want to go, you should do it. There will always be more studying, more work, and more chores that you can do. You have to carve out a regular time to rest and recharge. If this trip will help you do that, mentally and relationally, you should go.

  3. I think you should go, too. Being a Miss Goody Two Shoes never got anybody anywhere. (I say this with my devil horns firmly in place on top of my head.)

    But seriously, my dad was the one who taught me that I should work as hard as I can. But when it’s time to play, I should remember that I deserved every bit of fun I had because I deserved it. That advice had never failed me.

    Besides, there may be more football games but can you say with certainty that you’ll be able to go to them?

  4. I think I agree with lawschoolwife. Unless the game is super important to you, save the money and do something else together fun. Still take the break time, but maybe not at a game.

    But I’m also not a huge sports fan, so I may not be the one to ask…..

    But if you DO go, will you be super dressy or laid back? haha

  5. Interested to hear what you decided!

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