What to Do?

My husband has a social activity for his section tonight – so, the question for the evening is, “What should I do?”

I’m getting used to finding weeknight activities for myself. And, honestly, much of the time, I don’t have to “find” an activity. Instead, I have one foisted upon me, as anyone who works in PR and tries to be involved in the community will certainly understand. For example, next week I have a dinner to attend on Monday, a JL meeting on Tuesday and a “just-for-fun” outing with some friends on Wednesday.

But coming up with Friday night plans that don’t include a bottle of wine and catching up on Project Runway (and the newest episode of The Office) are a very different thing. I have to work Saturday this week because we have a community event. So, late late late night plans are not part of the equation.

So, what should I do? Clean? Bake? Go to a movie? Paint pottery? Beg a friend to take pity on me? What do you other law wives and girlfriends do when you have extra, unexpected alone time on your hands?

On the upside, if my husband comes home before going out, I’ll have the computer and I have a very long, photo-intensive post to write so I can wow you with my repair-woman ingenuity. So, get excited for that (little tiny bit of sarcastic inflection here).


5 responses to “What to Do?

  1. Whenever I have a night alone to myself, here is what I do. First, I run around the house jumping for joy that I am all alone (except for the dog). Next, I put on my most comfortable stretchy pants and ugly sweater. Then I open up a bottle of red wine, order a movie on pay-per-view, and stretch out on the sofa. The whole sofa. No sharing. Sometimes I’ll bake myself a treat, but usually I just pop a huge bowl of popcorn. To eat all by myself. No sharing (well, except for the dog). Nights like that are few and far between, but they are always appreciated!! Enjoy your night of independence!

  2. well, as you know, i’m a law and he’s a med so between the two of us, there’s usually little free time but when there is, it’s usually apart.

    Like this weekend! he’s going to vegas for a conference (i was invited but surprisingly, it sounded SO boring) so I’ve decided to paint (i’m a closet crafter), go shopping, hang with friends and apply to jobs!

  3. I like Natalie’s idea. I will get food from a favorite restaurant as take out. I would say go to a movie, but I’m too scared to go on my own, so yeah. Haha. I like shopping on my own- no one to rush me, or ask “how many more things are you going to try on?”

  4. Yay! I love having the house all to myself for the night. I love watching movies on the couch with the dog and bad food and good wine. Or I love inviting friends over for cocktails and dinner. Or maybe I’ll get crafty and do a sewing project or repaint some furniture. So many ideas!

  5. Oh so I really hate alone time. It makes me fidgety and weird. But occasionally he has to travel for campaigns (a lot in the next month…) so I deal with it. Mostly I try to “structure” my time…. Set up things with friends, make a list of ridiculous shows I’ve been meaning to catch up on and make some work-related goals. Good luck!

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