Delightfulness and Ten Days

First, the delightfulness.

My co-workers (with a very few exceptions) are wonderful to work with. Today, I arrived to my desk to this adorable little friend:

It’s a tiny, adorable little Starbucks cake doughnut. Tiny versions of things are so much cuter than giant versions and this will be just enough sweetness, especially since I skipped breakfast this morning because I rolled my lazy self out of bed at 7:05 and have to leave for my carpool by 7:30.

My coworker brought it as a thank you for helping out with an event this weekend — just the pleasantness of a little surprise has started this sure-to-be-long day on the right track.

Okay, on to the next order of business.

Friday, instead of going out or doing anything exciting, I enjoyed an evening at home with Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn, watching the Project Runway contestants make it work. This is one of the first seasons where I don’t have a clear favorite, so I’m a very passive observer this season. While I was doing this, I decided to work on my “Ten Days” posts. I was inspired by Sara from Running from the Law and her Ten Days series and decided I wanted to create a series of posts for myself. So, I worked on some drafts and hopefully, if I can wrangle the laptop from my husband’s backpack, I’ll post the first entry tonight or tomorrow morning.

Speaking of which, as a final note, do most of you have more than one computer in your house? I really want to get my own laptop because we have a desktop but it’s from college and REALLY REALLY slow. Just trying to decide if it’s worth it so that I can read blogs and look at Facebook when I’m at home by myself.

Have a WONDERFUL day! 🙂


4 responses to “Delightfulness and Ten Days

  1. Yay! I’m so glad you’re doing the 10 day challenge! And I’m so jealous of that cake donut! Seriously? Cake and donut? Whoa.

    We only have one computer at our house right now, a desktop in the office. We used to both have laptops, but they’ve both died in the last few years and we haven’t replaced them. Our next big purchase will hopefully be a Mac Book. I’d love one!

  2. I LOVE THOSE BABY TREATS AT STARBUCKS! The doughnuts are so cute. The vanilla scones are adorable too. I also really like that you can buy them in threes… perfect for sharing 🙂

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