Ten Days: Day Two

 Day Two: Nine things about yourself that most people don’t know.

1)      I can’t watch The Notebook anymore. It’s not because I don’t like it – I think it’s an amazing, wonderful, happy, sad, sweet, poignant movie. I can’t watch it because when I do, I cry so hard that I sound like a dying walrus and I give myself a miserable migraine for the remainder of the day. So, since it’s happened the last two times, I’ve given up for now and only watching in the future with great trepidation.

 Photo from hookedonhouses.net

2)      I tell people I’m allergic to melon, but I’m not.  When I order food at restaurants like Jason’s Deli, I order the fruit cup with no melon because of my severe allergy. It’s a lie. I just don’t like it. Watermelon is okay in small doses. But I really dislike cantaloupe and honeydew.

 3)      I have an ungodly fear of geckos. Actually, this might not qualify because anyone who has been to my house (or is related me) has heard me freak out. And, our new house must have been built on the remains of the Gecko Roman Empire or something because they are out there, by my front door, every single morning and every single night.

 (((Sorry, I can’t even post a picture here. I’m too freaked out to take one at my porch. Also, I’m even sorrier about the horrible pun.)))

4)      I have three small burst veins on my top right thigh. It’s from when I was about 12 and my sister Beth shoved me and I fell on top of the Barbie house. It stabbed me. That Barbie – she’s a vengeance-intent biotch. She hates homewreckers.

 5)      When I was a little girl, my parents told me I was allergic to chocolate, so that I wouldn’t ask for sweets and snacks. I believed this until I was about 10 or 11. I call that inhuman cruelty. And, apparently, that’s where I got my pathological allergen-liar tendencies.

From Hersheysstore.com

6)      I don’t think that Angelina Jolie is beautiful at all. She’s not an ugly woman, she’s probably better-looking than average, but I just don’t think she’s the most beautiful woman in the world. But then, who am I do judge? Except for the whole wearing blood thing. I judged a little then.

 7)      I’m a little afraid to have kids because I’ve always had a rocky relationship with my mom. She is a very opinionated and difficult-to-please woman. I don’t want to have the same relationship with my daughter, but I worry about repeating and mimicking the way I was brought up.

 8)      I don’t wash my hair all that often. It’s so thick that it takes forever to dry, so I probably wash it twice or three times a week, not every day, which seems to be the norm for people I work with. More frequently if it LOOKS dirty but it typically doesn’t. 

 9)      The first drink of alcohol I ever had was when I was 18. I went to a Presbyterian church and wine was served at communion. Growing up in a Baptist family, I was used to grape juice. I almost choked. I’ve gotten over all that now.


13 responses to “Ten Days: Day Two

  1. Hmm…I am loving these posts. May have to steal this idea for my blog.

    I LOVE The Notebook. Every single time I watch it I end up sobbing out loud. It’s like Steel Magnolias. I’ll never be able to watch those movies without a breakdown.

    I can’t believe your parents told you you were allergic to chocolate. I seriously feel bad for laughing at that one because it is so eeeviiiil. I would have needed therapy after finding out I could have been eating chocolate all those years.

  2. I HAVE BURST VEINS TOO!!! Though they are from my ill-fated foray into modern dance (table, corners, klutz). It always makes me self conscious when I wear shorts (I don’t wear skirts that short but sometimes shorts ride up when I sit down… then, BAM, there it is).

  3. Also good for you on the melon. It’s a cheap fruit and not that satisfying. You’re getting more bang for your buck 🙂

  4. This is great. I too don’t think Angelina Jolie is overly beautiful. I think she looks like a man. And she’s a homewrecker, so she loses more beauty points for that. I also don’t watch my hair very often. It’s thick and can get dry easy, so I wash about twice a week unless I’ve been really sweaty or at a bonfire or, like you, if it looks gross. haha. We’re so much alike….

  5. This is cracking me up.

    Every time I watch something like The Notebook, I end up having a cry hangover. Like, the next day, I’m absolutely worthless and my face is all puffy and my eyes are sore and red. It’s definitely not pretty.

    Also, the first time I visited a Catholic church and realized that their wine was really wine and not just juice, I think I freaked out a little inside. I also grew up Baptist.

  6. Hahaha. I love this! I can’t believe your parents would do that to you re: chocolate. How terrible!

    And, I agree with you about cantaloupe being terrible. However, I am a huge fan of honeydew and watermelon. And, thank you for reminding me about the existence of Jason’s Deli- I love that place and haven’t been in forever.

    Sometimes I am also afraid of having kids because I dont want to be just like my mother. She is a big time worrier and hypochondriac, and I don’t want to put that stress on my kids!

    • Kate – I know. It is terrible. I just ate a chocolate rice krispie treat that L brought to work to commisserate with myself.

      And there is a Jason’s Deli not far from my house – let’s do a deli double date. 😉

  7. You are hilarious lady. My friend totally uses the allergy lie thing too, but about cilantro! When we go out, she always tells the restaurant she is allergic but she’s totally just a cilantro hater.

    I live in a tropical climate = gecko central. There was a really cute baby gecko in the apt. stairwell and my husband wanted to adopt it. I declined so that gecko orphan is still roaming the stairs somewhere.

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