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Lame Post Time: Recap of My Week

This is just a post to say, whoa, sorry, it’s been a long time since I’ve posted. Somehow this past week became BUSY. Here’s a quick recap:

– Rangers sucked it up for two games and then pulled it together. Watching them right now – it is essential that they win these home games!

– COLLEGE FOOTBALL. Freaking hurray!

– College basketball starts this week. On that note, here’s a cute picture and a funny story. Picture = my two sisters in their costumes from their sorority’s act in our college’s big musical revue.

And the story. My parents never came to events when I was in college, so this year was their first year to go to the homecoming festivities. While the Littlest Sister was walking around with us, Jo and I kept seeing this extremely tall guy and wondering why he looked familiar to us. After we stared for a while, we sent Amy over to ask him his name, since of course, she’s 12 and adorable.

So, she walks over, taps him on the back and he stoops down. She says, ” What’s your name?” He tells her and she walks back to us and says, “I couldn’t understand him.” Psssh. Useless, just useless. So, we give up on our quest.

Later, Amy’s standing with our father, and asks him, “Dad, what’s that guy’s name?” He tells her, and she freaks out. Why? Because he’s a player who happened to get in trouble for some substance problems recently (and by substance problems, I mean he passed out in the drive-thru of Taco Bell….sigh). Amy runs over to us, stomps her foot, and says, “You made me speak to a crackhead; I could have died!”

Poor innocent little chica. For one thing, it was so not a crack issue. And for another, the problem that he had typically just makes people hungry, not violent (hence, Taco Bell).  😉

Okay, so I got a little sidetracked. Back to my list of what happened this week.

– I dressed up as Snow White this year for Halloween. The girls at the office wanted to dress up — I’ve never been a big fan of Halloween – we didn’t celebrate it growing up, but my friends wanted me to join in, so I did. We had two regular Disney princesses (me and L as Ariel) and two zombie Disney princesses – scary! I realized that I’ve been typecast as Snow White – I’ve been Snow White four times in my life.

– On a completely unrelated note, I was called a snow bunny. Apparently, this is a very derogatory term (link to very inappropriate Urban dictionary definition). To which, I would like to respond by saying, “Ummm….hello….I’m married.” But anyway, I was quite offended, and I told one of the graphic designers I work with that I was offended because I am actually part African-American. He totally believed it. Hehehe. It’s funny because, remember, I’ve been Snow White for four Halloweens – I’m dark-haired, blue-eyed and Irish-freckled.

– We have Trick-or-Treaters! We’ve had, among other things, Cookie Monster, Mario, Power Ranger and a Lucha Libre wrestler. Also, I would like to point out that if you’re a teenage girl not in costume but old enough to have cleavage pouring out of your tank top, you’re too old to trick-or-treat. I mentioned this to Ducks and he said, “Oh, I didn’t notice.” Either he’s the best man on earth or a big fibber.

– I went to buy some chair covers for some wingback chairs my mom gave me. I was super proud of myself for finding a coupon and taking it with me. And THEN, I forgot to use any of my gift cards to pay for it. Grr…

Really, I’ve got nothing else. I’m hosting a jewelry party to help my friend start her business this week, so that should be interesting. I’m behind on ALL my blog reading, so, tell me, how was your week?!

Punitive Damages

I have a facetiously legal question for you all today.

In a relationship, when you have a disagreement, should the wronged party be entitled to punitive damages?

Punitive damages are, according to wikipedia, “damages intended to reform or deter the defendant and others from engaging in conduct similar to that which formed the basis of the lawsuit.”

So, basically, meant to ensure that a person has learned their lesson, corrected their reprehensible conduct and will not let a similar action occur again. I think some of society’s relationship rituals are currently based on the idea of punitive damages. For example, yesterday Ducks sent me some flowers to celebrate our 2 1/2 year anniversary (we always celebrate half-years. And, no, this post is not completely meant to brag about how cute my husband is). However, it never fails, whenever he sends me flowers, someone always says something like, “Oooh, he must be in trouble,” or “Oh, what did he do?” As if the only reason that a husband or significant other would send flowers is because he committed a grievous act of some sort. Personally, I don’t even know that I’d want flowers for that reason. After all, they’re supposed to make you happy, and I think flowers sent because of a fight would just make me remember the fight, not the loving person behind the flower order.

(Oh, here to break up all this copy a little – pic of the flowers – so pretty!)

However, with that being said, I don’t think I am against some form of penance would be in order in the event of a very bad fight, situation or disagreement. I’m not talking about, “Ducks ate the last of the cheddar and sour cream ruffles,” or, “I bought a pair of shoes that were not in the budget.” I’m thinking about situations that are more serious (aka in legalese – reprehensible behavior), like, “He stayed out all night and never called to let me know he was still alive,” or, “I have a secret stash of naughty magazines and he discovered it,” or “One of us got our fifth speeding ticket in a year, even though we’re on a budget and can’t afford this kind of thing.”

So, what do you think? Should the injured party/the person not-at-fault in the relationship be allowed to require some type of grand gesture to signify true repentance and a commitment to the relationship? I feel like I already act this way sometimes, because if we fight, I’ll try to be extra angelic, make his favorite meals, etc.

But, officially, as you may can tell, I’m kind of on the fence about this, and am curious to hear your thoughts.

** DISCLAIMER on my husband’s behalf: He would like me to assure you all that we are not actually fighting or disagreeing and that this is not a passive-aggressive blog post to talk about my frustration with him.

And the Winner is….

I waited in vain last night for my husband to come home and participate in the drawing for the prize. Unfortunately, a mean memo kept him at the library until long after I had gone to sleep, so I had to turn to my friend Random Number Generator. I typed all your names for comments and bonus comments into an excel spreadsheet to number them, then found a random number generator online.

The winner is…..

Amanda from Amanda with Nick! I have to say that I wish you could all win, but I was excited that Amanda won because I know she also likes headbands. I promise to have another contest soon and give even more people a chance at prizes!

So, Amanda, email me at so we can discuss how to get your prizes to you. Thanks, everyone, for your participation and your book club suggestions (and your clicks to! I’ll let you know which book we end up reading together.

PS Don’t forget that the new Taylor Swift CD comes out today (looking at Jamie!)!

Darn It

The no-laptop saga continues. I just want to complain that I didn’t win the laptop in the Office Max Twitter contest. It’s very silly to think that I would win just from tweeting, but stranger things have happened, right?

But, no, it was not to be.

However, one of you HAS won my blog contest, and as soon as I get home and have my official drawing event tonight, I will post the winner!

Yay. And that’s all I have to say. Still bummed about the laptop-less-ness. But, there are so many other things to be thankful for. 🙂

Claw and Antler Poll

Yesterday was epic in the world of basketball – for me at least.

I am now hoping that today will be the most epically amazing day of my baseball fan career.

Cheering on these guys tomorrow!

 I wish I were cheering them on in person, and if we weren’t currently a law school family, we probably would have taken time off and spent money to attend at least one of the games. But, alas, we are in school and impoverished.

Instead, to commemorate the day and bring Texas Rangers awareness to my friends across the nation, I’ve put together a quick poll. Who’s the best looking Ranger player?

Cast your vote in the comments:

Boyish Derek Holland?

Photo from

Quirky CJ Wilson? (Although he almost didn’t make it on this list after last game)


Always exuberant Elvis Andrus?


Boy-next-door Ian Kinsler?

Reformed bad boy Josh Hamilton?

Your write-in votes are also accepted in this poll. 🙂  

Seriously, though, you have no idea how wonderful this season and series has been to us lifelong, and long suffering, Rangers fans. So, get your claw and antlers ready and send some good thoughts to the Texas Rangers tomorrow evening!

PS While we’re at it, we might as well go for a trifecta of awesomeness. Are you listening, college football?

Holidays are Almost Here?


I don’t have a whole lot to say today. I spent last evening volunteering until very late and I discovered that my sales skills have failed me. At one point in my life, I was an excellent sales communicator. Last night, I didn’t even sell ONE raffle ticket. Personally, with the cost of the tickets, I had a very hard time justifying the “ask” but I still smiled, strolled and cajoled. All to no avail.

The point of that is to say that I’m tired and my brain is not all that fresh today. But, I still wanted to check in this morning and see how you guys are. I did buy something really cool for Ducks’ dad for Christmas, which made me wonder….

How many of you are already shopping for Christmas gifts? I have a few things stored away right now, because my sisters have all had their birthdays this past month, so I buy extra while I’m in birthday shopping mode to save for the holiday season. What about you? What’s your shopping strategy?

Also, now that we’re all adults, do you draw for names for the holidays? Our family is still fairly small; I’m the only one who is married, so we all still buy for each other. But after being named the official moderator of my friend’s holiday family name-drawing, I wonder at what point do people decide to do this? I can’t imagine not buying gifts for all my sisters, but maybe when they’re married and have husbands and kids, I might feel differently. What do you think?

PS – Don’t forget to enter the Fall Fun Giveaway — details here!!

PS 2 – Don’t forget to click to Holy Turf so I can win football tickets (wow – that sounds greedy, but you know what I mean)!

Fall Fun Giveaway

So, today, L, H and I went on a shopping trip at lunch. Why?

Well, first of all, to buy my sister Beth a birthday card that says “Party Animal” and has a gerbil or something (I’m not strong on classifying rodentia) in a party hat.

But second of all, to buy some fun stuff for YOU!

Inspired by my friend New Teacher, New Wife, I’ve decided to host my first giveaway. The contest will run from now until Sunday night at midnight.

Since you’ve all been talking about fall and pumpkins and what-not, I decided to select a few gifts with a fall color scheme. And, since I’ve heard most of your ideas about what you love about fall during the week of what Jamie called fallidays postings, I’ve decided to be extremely practical and ask for some information I want — which is,

”What book should we select for our inaugural book club meeting?”

So, to enter, post a response in the blog comments. It doesn’t have to be long and complex (but it can be). It can be as simple as, “Emma is my all-time favorite book,” or “My book club just finished The Other Boleyn Girl  and loved it.” Or, you can link to a review of a book you’ve completed on your own blog. Kate and I thank you in advance. 😉  I will randomly select a winner by making Ducks draw one of your names from a hat. 🙂

What will you win?

A fun flower headband, because I’m extremely headband-obsessed. And I almost kept this for myself (that’s me wearing it and trying to convince myself to give it to you all). As a side note, my hair looks really light in this picture. It’s much darker in person. Weird.

A fall tones cardholder – I’ve also been wanting one of these for myself for a while because I usually use my Vera pouch. (Confession: Okay, so I actually bought two of these card holders, so I guess I don’t ACTUALLY still want one because I was greeeeedy and got one for myself.)

Fall-ish earrings. Nothing particularly special,  just something fun to add to your wardrobe! I’m the kind of girl who wears the same studs (the ones Ducks gave me for Christmas four years ago), almost everyday, but every once in a while, I like to switch it up with something a little more fun.

I’m anxious to hear your suggestions so that we can get our book club up-and-running. And, most of all, I just wanted to thank you guys for being great readers adn friends. Hope you like the giveaway items! 🙂

PS And, in addition, I’ll give a bonus entry for everyone who clicks over to Holy Turf (for the ticket contest) and leaves me a comment saying that you’ve clicked — the comments need to be included on this blog post, so keep clicking and posting! 🙂