Ten Days: Day Four

Day Four: Seven things that cross your mind a lot.

My apologies for skipping the weekend. I just figure that you guys have a lot more interesting things to do on beautiful fall Saturdays and Sundays than sit at home and read this little blog. With no further delays, here’s day four.

1)      How will I advance my career? I love my job, but I worry a lot about whether there’s room for growth or if I’ll have to find something new. I’m the only PR person, so I’m currently doing it all. Not a lot of room to advance. So, that’s always in the back of my mind.

2)      When will I write a novel? Will I have time? How will I finish the one I’m working on now? Will anyone like it?

3)      Will I be a good mother? I’ve already talked a little about this. I want to have a great relationship with my kids and to bring them to adulthood with minimal need of therapy. So, I think about that.

4)      What will I cook for dinner? I’ve been trying, since I’ve been married, to make good meals at night. It’s not always easy because I don’t have a lot of cooking experience or a lot of time to research recipes (because I’m blogging, of course). But I still want to make good food and impress my husband. 😉  By the way, I just made GlamLifeHouseWife’s tamale pie last night. SO good.

5)      Will we be poor? How much money do we have? I am the world’s biggest money worrier. I’m not necessarily a great budgeter. I just try not to eat out, to find good deals at the grocery store and not to be tempted to buy very many cute things. But I’m very afraid of being poor, so I stress about it.

6)      Will my sister EVER start dating Lee? They are the world’s cutest couple, but she (Jo) says she’ll never go out with him because “he’s a ginger.” Which is a ridiculous reason, since he’s a tall, handsome collegiate letterman with a great personality and good values. And I actually really like redheads. But, what can you do?

7)  How often do other girls hit on my husband? I see them do it right in front of me, so I assume it must be very common. In fact, at the first law school reception, Ducks was talking to some guys and mentioned “my wife.” I wasn’t standing with him but I was near enough to hear the conversation. Immediately, there was a flurry of whispers from the law school girls gathered around. “What?” “He’s married?” “Did he just say he was married?” Good thing he’s so sweet and so in love with me or I’d have to put a secret surveillance camera in his backpack!

6 responses to “Ten Days: Day Four

  1. I wonder about the girls flirting with my husband as well. Since most of them in his class are single and I don’t go to all the events, they may not know me. He wears his ring, but I’ve watched girls flirt with him when I’m standing right there, so I wonder what they do when I’m not around. haha

    Lucky we both have great guys or we might be hiring private investigators. Hahaha

    • @NTNW – We ARE lucky. I almost feel sad for those girls who think they need to flirt with married men to boost their self-esteem. But not sad enough to keep from slapping them down, as Jamie suggested, if they cross the line! 🙂

  2. I worry about money ALL.THE.TIME. I know we’re in a relatively good situation for our age/education/etc, but I constantly worry that something is going to go wrong, or there is going to be some huge unexpected expense, or that our {relatively new and hasn’t had a problem yet} car will spontaneously die, or that our insurance is not as good as we think it is…..

    Plus with the constant tuition payments and all the expenses of living in an expensive city, it really is hard to tell how “secure” you are. Annoying.

    I will slap a ho who hits on my man…… I also carry around this custom Starbucks tumbler that has pictures of us all over it, so I guess that’s kind of a good “DO NOT DISTURB” sign other than the ring. Maybe you and @newteachernewwife should give those as gifts 🙂 But I also think men are generally a lot better about backing off of someone who’s “taken” than women, in my experience.

    • @ Jamie: I know – I feel the same way. I think what’s really bad for us also is that we’re used to having two good incomes and Ducks made a lot more money than I did when he was working. With the impact of law school and the new house at the same time, it’s really stressful!

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