Ten Days: Day Six

O -M-G, I need my own computer. I’m behind on blogging because I don’t get to see my husband, and more importantly, his laptop, very often.

But anyway, here’s the next in the series of Ten Days posts. And then…. I’m off to a glorious weekend in the beautiful city of Dallas. Hurray!

And, this one is too easy –  Five people who mean a lot to you. I immediately know my five people, and, those of you who read my blog regularly probably do too. I’m going to put my real Fave Five at the bottom of this post, and do a quick list of five other people that I love as well.

1) Jane Austen. I never got a chance to meet you, since you died a couple hundred years ago, but I love you. Thanks for forging the way for women writers and for being so witty.

2) My “work girlfriend,” L: I love my whole group of work friends – there are three in particular who are special to me, but I love L for being close to my age, quick to become my friend and having such a generous heart. When I first came to work here, she immediately adopted me as her lunch buddy and friend. Only several months later did she tell me, “When you came here, I was really afraid you would be a snotty b**** and not be my friend.” So, I love her even more for reaching out to me, past her shyness and worries.

3) My university’s head basketball coach. This man has influenced the course of my life a great deal during the past seven years since he took a crumbling, miserable, scandal-racked program from the dust and began mending it. He’s another person from my list that I’ve never actually met , but I don’t think you have to actually meet him to be refreshed by his enthusiasm or excited by his passion for God, life and basketball.

4) My friend T. She’s a fairly new friend, but I find her to be extremely inspirational. She was born with a disability, but that didn’t keep her from graduating from the most prestigious public university in the state in THREE years, or from snagging a great job or being a fantastic person. It’s very inspiring just to be around her.

5) My former co-worker V: She was like a second mom to me when I worked at my previous company. She worried about me, brought me little surprises when I was having bad, stressful or just moody days and always believed in me. When I left that company for my current job, she told me she expected me to be a VP in 2 to 3 years at the new company, and she still firmly believes that I will be. Add to all that the fact that she just finished treatment for her second bout with breast cancer, and I think you’ll see why she means a lot to me and why she’s another great inspiration.

That’s the tough five. Now here’s the easy five – the people I love the most in the world.

My Ducks – For eight years, this man has been my best friend. We’ve pretty much grown up together, since we’ve known each other since he was 19 and I was 18. In fact, when I talked to my baby sister recently, she said she couldn’t remember a time when she didn’t know him. She’s the one who named him Ducks because, in her 4-year-old reasoning, “He’s just cute.” When I consider the fact that she’s one year away from being a teenager, it’s amazing to think that he and I have been together for so long.

My sisters – I always feel a little sad for people who don’t have sisters, because despite our differences in age, outlook and personality, I have built-in best friends, and will for the rest of my life. I don’t laugh with anyone like I do with them, and often for no reason but the happiness of being together. When I look back at photos, the ones I look the best in (in my opinion) are the ones with my three sisters because I’m so happy just to be with them. Wonderful-ness.

My daddy – I’m the oldest daughter of a man who has four girls and always longed for a son. This is the man who coached me in sports, who pushed me to excel and who turned me from a shy girl with puffy bangs and big glasses to an all-state athlete and a confident young woman. He’s the man who, in addition to our touching father-daughter dance, suggested that we do a surprise choreographed dance to “U Can’t Touch This,” because that was clearly the song of our life and the one we’d been dancing to for 23 years. So lucky to have such a fantastic father and friend in my life.

So there you have it. Happy weekend, peeps! 🙂


3 responses to “Ten Days: Day Six

  1. I love your list! Sounds like you have some really special people in your life (or in your heart). I too could NOT live without my two sisters. They mean the world to me and will always be my best friends.

    Have a great time in Dallas this weekend!

  2. I’ve really liked following your posts in this series. Not sure if I could do it, but maybe something modified. (My family reads my blog too much.)

    I liked your description of your work friends. I am looking forward to being settled in a job so I can have real coworkers again instead of freelancing. In college, I was always more professional and intense about my work than those around me, so it was hard to bond then.

    • Amanda – thanks so much! I love meeting new blog friends, and I enjoy reading your blog as well!

      At this job, I’ve been very fortunate to be in an office full of young, fun people. I’m still intrigued by the idea of freelancing, though – what kind of work are you doing?

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