Ten Days: Day Seven


This day in the Ten Days series is super-easy, which is good because — once again, I will complain — it’s very hard to access the computer when we only have one and Ducks uses it for school. I feel like a whiny brat when I say that because, obviously, even having one computer is more than many people have. And, let’s be honest, I just want to use it for talking with you all and checking Facebook and Twitter (and watching the occassional back episode of Greek). But still…

Okay, as I previously mentioned, today’s list is an easy one: four turn-offs.

Anything super smelly. This goes for good or bad smells. I can’t even wear perfume because strong smells give me a headache. I can sometimes even get nauseous just from wearing lotion. On this subject of smelly smells, I would like to disclose the fact that my strange husband “kind of likes the smell of skunk.” Ha – weirdo. He says it’s because it reminds him of being on his grandparents’ ranch growing up.

Lizard things. Oh, gag. No Geico for me EVER. And absolutely no Sobe Life Water. Just seeing something with a lizard on it is enough to turn my stomach. I had a co-worker once who collected decorative lizards – oh, how I hated going into her office. I should also add that tonight when we were coming home from Target, a gecko accomplished its life goal of GETTING INTO THE HOUSE. So now it’s not enough that I have to sprint in and out of MY OWN HOUSE if it’s remotely dark outside; they’ve now decided to run a kamikaze operative on the premises. You animal lovers out there will be happy to hear that it was not killed. Ducks (my hero) chased it out of the house with a weapon, which I later discovered was one of my black dress shoes. I guess you can’t have everything in life, but a good man who’ll protect you from noxious wilderness creatures is a prize.

Delusions of grandeur. I’ve already mentioned “Lou,” the girl I know who is convinced she’ll be famous. Her newest spiel is to criticize the music she hears on the radio and talk loudly about how it’s nothing compared to her original songs. Geez. Every day it’s something new about how she’s planning to model her future philanthropy efforts after this celebrity or how she’s absolutely sure she’ll be performing at the state’s biggest music festival next year, or how she’s set a goal of making $10 million within a year by selling the CD she’s produced. I mean, go for your dreams and all that, but let’s keep it in this stratosphere of real, please.

Excessive t-shirt fan-ness. I get it. Some people don’t attend a big college with a big sports program, or maybe they have family ties to another school, or grew up in a certain city, etc. I personally am a tiny bit of a TCU t-shirt fan. Not because they’re currently fourth in the nation (but, yeah!!!), but because my in-laws are alumni and live across the street from the university. The t-shirt fans I have a problem with are the ones who blatantly support a school to the point of rudeness, even though they didn’t attend that university. For example, when we went to a bar to watch the Red River Rivalry, a fan of one of the teams came over and screamed, “F*** you!” in Ducks’ face because we weren’t acting all super-crazy and cheering for his team. We weren’t cheering for either team. And let’s not say that this guy’s behavior maybe just got out of hand while he was cheering on his alma mater. Nope, I seriously doubt that he even finished high school, let alone attended college. It’s that kind of attitude that I hate. Cheer for whoever you want (especially if it’s my school) but treat other people with respect.

What about you guys? Any big turn-offs? While you’re blog-reading, go check out Domestic Novice, Esq. She’s doing Ten Days also! 🙂


2 responses to “Ten Days: Day Seven


    My mom lives in Sedona, and I love visiting her, but the little freaking lizards are everywhere. If I go out in her yard on a sunny day, I can easily have a nervous breakdown in 20 minutes because you can just see them creeping, crawling, and generally trying to scare me.

    But I have a large collection of Lakers t-shirts. However, I went to a high school without serious sports, and lived in a city without an NFL team and I lived way too far from the baseball stadiums. So i needed SOMETHING to get excited about. And the Lakers are pretty exciting 😉

    • @Jamie – I am completely okay with people cheering for whichever professional teams they want! 🙂 I’m a pseudo-fan of the Steelers and the Golden State Warriors, in addition to my local teams.

      I just hate the people who are rude and hyper-obnoxious supporters of college sports that they are not affiliated with.

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