Ten Days: Day Eight

Day Eight: Three turn-ons.

This was actually harder for me than the last one. It’s a lot easier to point out things that you dislike than to narrow down things that you like, don’t you think?

I was going to go with some really easy stuff like friendliness, a nice smile, etc., but I’m going to try to branch it out beyond a nice laugh, white teeth and good breath.

Trucks. Okay, I’m from Texas, so what do you expect? I like a man who drives a truck. I’ll caveat this by saying that I do NOT like the kinds of guys who drive huge kitted-out vehicles for no reason other than to offer noise pollution and to compensate for their shortcomings. But, I’d much rather see a man driving a truck than a BMW or something like that. It’s more down to earth. And, actually, my first vehicle was a truck. My grandparents gave me a little red S-10 truck when I turned 16.

 I’ve graduated to a couple of different cars since then, but I did love driving that little truck. I even got my first speeding ticket in in – yikes! Anyway, Ducks drives a truck and it’s very plain and simple – zero bells and whistles – it doesn’t even have power windows, but it’s just fun to see such a good-looking man drive up in a truck and hear the envy from other girls, like my intern KK who took one look at him, sighed and blatantly said, “Men who drive trucks are SO hot.”  😉

Enthusiasm. I just love people who are happy to be alive. That may sound silly, but so much of our time is spent in complaining and wishing for change that it’s awesome to see these people who are so cheerful, happy and just exciting to be around. Not that I don’t enjoy complaining and snarkiness — I absolutely do. But when you meet people with a perpetual smile and with genuine interest in the world around them, I do think it’s a true day-brightener. One of the guys I work with is this way — he looks so excited in the mornings when he says hi; he’s full of animation on any subject; and he’s equally good at LISTENING as he is at talking.

I once heard someone say that the key to attentive listening — or at least looking like you’re attentive — is the expression of your eyebrows. If you’re thinking of something else while you’re talking with someone, then your eyebrows will be more down and puckered. But, if you rise your eyebrows, you’ll look like you’re taking everything in and paying good attention. Try it out today and see what you think.

Gingers. For some reason over the past year or so, I’ve completely fallen in love with redheads. I never used to think that red-haired men were attractive and now I’ve done a completely 180. It’s probably sisterly perversity. I want my sister to marry this guy, Lee, who is her good friend and who has kind of a light strawberry blond shade of red hair. But, NO, she has to go all Chelsea Handler anti-ginger and disappoint the whole family. But, yes, I love red hair. And, I’m super jealous of my friend H who has gorgeous auburn-y red riotous curls. Sigh. I’ll guess I’ll just have to stick to my headful of brown waves.

So, to end this post, here are a couple of pictures of adorable redheads for your viewing pleasure:

from parade.com

Ron Weasley!

from Inspirations blog
Paul Bettany

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5 responses to “Ten Days: Day Eight

  1. I also am a big fan of the gingers! (well, obviously, ha). I threaten to J that I’m going to keep having babies until one of them in a red-head. 🙂

    • Kate, I think you should definitely produce many redhaired babies and protect gingers from extinction! 🙂 As our resident medical whiz, is it true that redheads will be genetically eliminated in the near future?

  2. I love the Weasley! And I love trucks. MW had one. We had to trade in for a city-friendly, gas-efficient VW. But he still misses the truck a lot. And I do too (very secretly).

  3. I love red hair on girls. I want to dye mine a strawberry blonde color, but I haven’t worked up the nerve yet. haha

    And you Texas people and your trucks. Trucks weren’t huge when I was growing up and I never found the attraction. The only guys I knew with trucks dipped, wore camo everyday, and were kind of douchey.

    And I want to meet your co-worker. I love people like that.

    • @NTNW – OMG, I should write a post just about her one day and all the teenage-drama type behavior she infuses into our workplace. You would not believe it.

      Hehe – yes, truck are big here, but I don’t like the hillbilly type truck drivers either. Camo-free zone. 😉

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