Quote of the Day: Sister Edition

My sister Beth amuses me so much. Here’s an email exhange we had today. It started with a discussion of how one of our favorite basketball players can’t consume two slices of bread in one minute without a drink. Yeah, we discuss serious stuff around here.

Me: Bet you didn’t know that because you don’t have twitter. I am a font of useful information.

Beth: What’s a font?

Me: Like a fountain.

Beth: Don’t you mean a fount? Why is it spelled like that?

Me: I don’t know. You could ask the Olde English, but they are all dead.

Beth: Umm….they prefer to be called Elderlye English. Rude.

I started laughing disgracefully loudly at work.


5 responses to “Quote of the Day: Sister Edition

  1. Hahaha that’s cute 🙂

    I always have little convos with my sister via text or gchat that I feel should be in some way memorialized because they’re great. Sisters are the best ❤

  2. My sister did that to me yesterday in class. I had to tell her several times that we were discussing very serious things and there was no way my prof would think the huge grin on my face was because of the “notes” I was typing.

    Love sisters!

  3. Hahaha…that is awesome. I can’t even begin to tell you how many similar emails I’ve had with my younger sister. Snarky sisters!

  4. aw! makes me miss my sister 🙂

  5. I love this conversation. It’s the perfect example of why having a sister is so special. They have to love you when you don’t use the right words, or point out things that are wrong. 🙂

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