Holidays are Almost Here?


I don’t have a whole lot to say today. I spent last evening volunteering until very late and I discovered that my sales skills have failed me. At one point in my life, I was an excellent sales communicator. Last night, I didn’t even sell ONE raffle ticket. Personally, with the cost of the tickets, I had a very hard time justifying the “ask” but I still smiled, strolled and cajoled. All to no avail.

The point of that is to say that I’m tired and my brain is not all that fresh today. But, I still wanted to check in this morning and see how you guys are. I did buy something really cool for Ducks’ dad for Christmas, which made me wonder….

How many of you are already shopping for Christmas gifts? I have a few things stored away right now, because my sisters have all had their birthdays this past month, so I buy extra while I’m in birthday shopping mode to save for the holiday season. What about you? What’s your shopping strategy?

Also, now that we’re all adults, do you draw for names for the holidays? Our family is still fairly small; I’m the only one who is married, so we all still buy for each other. But after being named the official moderator of my friend’s holiday family name-drawing, I wonder at what point do people decide to do this? I can’t imagine not buying gifts for all my sisters, but maybe when they’re married and have husbands and kids, I might feel differently. What do you think?

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7 responses to “Holidays are Almost Here?

  1. I already have my dad’s present, but that’s because I stumbled across something awesome that I couldn’t pass up. My mom, however, is done with ALL of her shopping. All of it. She’s a superhero like that.

    Click, click, click for tickets!!

  2. I’m waiting for my Lexis/Westlaw points to add up …. 🙂 But I have a list!

  3. I haven’t started shopping, much less thinking about presents…although I may have bought myself something from the Arbonne holiday collection this week.

    My immediate family is huge, so we went to the draw names thing about five or six years ago. We all still bought for our parents and our youngest brother (who is in school), but the older “kids” drew names.

    Then two years ago we started a new tradition between my sisters, brothers, and brothers-in-law. We still buy for our parents, but now we all go out to dinner together once during the holidays. Everyone pays their own way and we try to go somewhere nice. It has become our favorite holiday tradition. Everyone around the same table laughing and drinking…and no one had to cook or has to clean up! It has been so nice to take the pressure off of gift-giving.

    My husband’s family is much smaller than mine and they still all give gifts. We may change that this year though because we’re all really old for that.

    • I really like that idea – the family dinner! That sounds like a lot of fun. None of my siblings are “adults” yet – they’re still in college and without significant others, but I’m going to remember that for the future. And, what did you buy yourself? I demand to see a pic! 🙂

  4. We still *kinda* give gifts to everyone. DS and I aren’t married yet and we’ve only had two Christmases together so we don’t have a “tradition” per se. We don’t do joint gifts to each others’ siblings but have been known to pitch in for nice gifts for each others’ parents.

    Also, being a student, I tend to get very (VERY) poor near the end of the semester, so I usually either give really early gifts (I’ve already got my brother and his girlfriend covered) or really late gifts (my sister got her ’09 Christmas gift in June).

    Shopping for DS is super hard, too. I’ve started a list of things I want to get him, but he tends to go out as soon as he wants something, so there’s never anything to get him for a holiday or birthday. I usually end up having to go creative and get trinkets or an experience gift (like a vacation or a massage). This year, we won’t even be together for his birthday (Dec 22nd) or Christmas, so I’m going to do this:
    and give him the x’s on vellum before I leave but mail the map to him so he gets it while I’m gone.

    Yay for Christmas! I love gift giving.

    • What a cute idea on the map!!! I love it! Will you post pics of the prizes and the results of the hunt?

      Also, I have the same holiday/birthday dilemma with Ducks because his birthday is two weeks before Christmas.

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