Claw and Antler Poll

Yesterday was epic in the world of basketball – for me at least.

I am now hoping that today will be the most epically amazing day of my baseball fan career.

Cheering on these guys tomorrow!

 I wish I were cheering them on in person, and if we weren’t currently a law school family, we probably would have taken time off and spent money to attend at least one of the games. But, alas, we are in school and impoverished.

Instead, to commemorate the day and bring Texas Rangers awareness to my friends across the nation, I’ve put together a quick poll. Who’s the best looking Ranger player?

Cast your vote in the comments:

Boyish Derek Holland?

Photo from

Quirky CJ Wilson? (Although he almost didn’t make it on this list after last game)


Always exuberant Elvis Andrus?


Boy-next-door Ian Kinsler?

Reformed bad boy Josh Hamilton?

Your write-in votes are also accepted in this poll. 🙂  

Seriously, though, you have no idea how wonderful this season and series has been to us lifelong, and long suffering, Rangers fans. So, get your claw and antlers ready and send some good thoughts to the Texas Rangers tomorrow evening!

PS While we’re at it, we might as well go for a trifecta of awesomeness. Are you listening, college football?


7 responses to “Claw and Antler Poll

  1. Wellll we’re rooting for the Giants. They are MW’s favorite team (not to mention we had a few *fabulous* dates at AT&T Park). But I have to say, baseball playoffs are FUN! It’s freaking late out here on the east coast for the games, but I snuggle up with my flashcards next to MW. It’s pretty fantastic. But yeah, we would probably have taken off and sprung for tickets too…. save for the school/impoverished bit. I sort of feel bad that I’m the one in school and he can’t go because of it even though he’d LOVE to be there. Sigh.

    • I hope that we do end up playing you guys in a little Series sometime soon. 😉

      In a few years, I think we’ll both be looking back at our poor days from the various fun future events.

  2. Go RANGERS!!! And yay for me not having to go to school tonight to fight the crazy game-day traffic! School has also not permitted me to attend any of the games, but we keep up with them in class. Every laptop at least has the score running, and one professor let us out early so he could get home to watch the game. Gotta love it.

    Oh, and I think all the boys you posted pics of are pretty cute!

  3. Baseball is depressing me this year. Our team, that is usually pretty good, didn’t even make it to the playoffs. I’m pouting, but I guess I’ll cheer for your team because I don’t know who else to go for.

    That Josh guy looks like Brian Littrell from the Backstreet Boys, and since they were my favorite band before I learned about real music, I’m picking him. haha

  4. Oh lord… I’m a dude so I’m not going to say who I think is the best looking Ranger (okay… Josh Hamilton… I would have his baby if I could)

    I’m a long suffering Ranger fan who has written what it’s been like the last 20 years for me:

  5. HA! I love this post! Go Rangers! I am an Elvis Andrus fan…his cocky smile gets me every time 😉

    We looked up tickets to the world series and its like $500 for STANDING TICKETS! I die!

    • I KNOW! My grandmother is probably going to get some through her work and I am trying to remind her of who her very favorite granddaughter is!

      I like Elvis too, but I am especially partial to Ian. And that’s only because Jarrod Saltalamacchia isn’t there anymore (sigh of lust). 😉

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