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To Post or Not to Post

What do you all do when you have a post that you really, really want to share, but then think it might be a bad idea?

I often think about writing things that are maybe not pleasant or wise. What I usually end up doing is writing it all out, getting everything expressed, then not doing anything with it. Also, sometimes, I email New Teacher, New Wife and express my thoughts to her, but for the most part, you guys don’t have to listen to my rants about the little things that brush the bloom off life.

And, the reason for this is not (unfortunately) because I’m a good person. Perish the thought. It’s because I don’t want to somehow end up getting “caught” writing something not-so-nice and have my blog be discovered and the secrets all out in the open. My opinions on the situation are exactly the same; I’m just being prudent by not putting those opinions into cyberspace, I guess.

Anyway, all that to say that this weekend, I wrote another blog post about this person that annoys me. But, in an effort to be a better person, I’m not publishing it (okay, again, not really in an effort to be a better person, but in an effort to not put things out there that could come back to haunt me). So, I’ll just leave what she did to your imagination. But, I doubt that you can imagine the bizarre-ness.

Hope you guys have a great day and are assaulted by no one’s delusions of grandeur.

Decision on the Tree

Not much blogging from me for the next few days as Ducks is using the computer for a take-home final. I was able to steal it for a few minutes to give you an update – we are not getting a second tree.

I’m still going to spend money to get a laptop and will probably order¬†it this week, but I decided that the tree is not a priority on the spending list right now. I appreciate everyone’s advice, but the person who ultimately swayed me was Abbey. Why? Because of her beautiful post (go read it right now!) on her Christmas decorations and appreciating simple gifts.

Go check this out immediately – it’s so cool! That’s all I really have for now – once again, I was awed by her creativity and how she makes me see the beauty in the world around me. And that’s why I’m not getting a second tree. ūüôā

Should I Spend It?

Okay, friends, I have a couple of questions about things I want to buy, so I’m going to let you guys be Suze Orman and “approve or deny” me.

First, a second Christmas tree. We already have one artificial tree that we bought when we first got married. It was very, very inexpensive (I think $40?) and it’s kind of sparse-looking. So, anyway, we’ve had it for two Christmases and I don’t want to get rid of it, because it was our first tree, but I kind of want another tree for downstairs and to put the old tree upstairs and decorate it with our college colors and college ornaments.

Would this be extravagant? What do you think?

Second, the much-talked-of (by me) laptop. I still really want a computer and I feel that it could almost be termed as a need because it would help me with my writing (okay, seriously, I know two computers are really more of a luxury than a need, especially when I already have an iPhone).

The reason I’m debating all this is because I got my yearly bonus this week. It was a lot more than I expected, or than I had ever gotten before. So, now of course, instead of putting it all in savings, I want to spend some of it. The question is: should I? Or should I just wait and show a little self-control? As an aside, I actually did take 2/3 of the bonus and put it into savings (probably to be used toward law school tuition), and the other 1/3 would more than cover both these purchases.

So, let me know what you think. My Facebook friends seem to be fully in approval of the second tree, but I haven’t asked them about the computer.

No More Princesses

No more princesses.

When I first read this, I was surprised. Then, disgruntled. Then, after the Shabby Princess commiserated with me on Twitter, I decided I was MAD.

No more princesses?!

Disney has announced that they are not making any more princess movies. Why? Not because they’ve made a reasoned decision that¬†it’s unhealthy for girls to watch these movies and project them onto their lives. Because they say boys don’t want to watch them. Girls are willing to watch gender-neutral movies, or even boy-oriented movies, but boys don’t want to see movies with “princess” in the title. So, it’s all about the money.

I think this is just a travesty. Think about all the princesses we grew up with. They inspired your imagination. They made you think about something that you knew you couldn’t be (unless you went to England and met Prince William, at which point he would absolutely fall in love with you– oh, what? I’m off-topic? And it’s not happening anymore, thanks to the lovely Kate Middleton? And Ducks? Sorry.) but something that was magical and that inspired your imagination.

Some people may think the loss of princesses is a good thing, because they are anti-feminist symbols of women who are helpless and who need a man to save them. While that may be true for some of the princesses (Snow White and Sleeping Beauty in particular – but, come on, they were asleep!), there are just as many princesses who went out and did things on their own:

– Ariel – Took control of her own destiny to find love

– Mulan – Defended her family and homeland, taking the burden from her aging father

– Belle – Sacrificed to save her father’s life, then found love along the way

Sure, they may have had help or adorable talking animal or candlestick sidekicks along the way, but they did things.

I don’t know if there are actually girls in the world who look up to Cinderella as a role model, but I’d much rather have my children (when I have any) admiring a Disney princess than a girl like Hannah Montana. I sometimes worry about my youngest sister because her career aspirations at this point in time are “to be a famous singer and dancer.” When I was that age, I wanted to be a pediatrician. That’s not what I grew up to be, but I had a goal besides hoping I’d be “discovered” while walking down the street. I think that kind of mentality is far more dangerous to a young girl than hoping one day you might meet a handsome, kind, loving prince who wants to marry you. Isn’t it better to look up to cartoon girls who are loving, kind and virtuous than to look up to the other Disney “princesses”?

Demi Lovato Рfrom Camp Rock to Cutting  Rehab

Britney Spears – from Mickey Mouse Club

to miniskirts and Madonna makeout sessions

Lindsay Lohan – from Parent Trap¬†to….well, I don’t even have the time or space to discuss everything that Lohan’s been into.¬†

What do you think? How do you feel about the end of the princess era? Is it a good thing, a sad thing or an irrelevant thing?

PS I have borrowed the photos used in this post from several different sources, but I have included links back to those sources on each photo.


In honor of Thanksgiving, and really because you all shamed me into it with your poignant, touching, interesting lists, I’m going to provide my own list of things I’m thankful for.

1) My family. I have the best sisters anyone could ask for, a father who believes in me and a mother who makes me laugh. They are wonderful. Add to that, two loving grandmothers, a mother-in-law who is a saint and an excellent father-in-law and brother-in-law. I’ve been lucky to draw this group in life’s lottery.

2) My new home. We’ve been so lucky this year. When I think about where we were¬†2 1/2¬†years ago when we got married (living in two different cities) to where we were last year (new¬†to the city and¬†in a little apartment) to this year as a law school family with a new house, it just boggles the mind. I’m so thankful to have this little nest of my own.

3) Water-based paint. With all the painting I’ve done this year, I was a-speckle¬†every Monday morning, despite¬†showers and scrubbing¬†and using facial exfoliator on random parts of my body. I can only imagine how vile I would have been if I had to use oil-based paint for everything.

4) Friends. This whole year seems to have revolved a bit more around being social, getting connected and making friends. Not only do I have the best group of work friends, I also get to live in the same city with my college best friend and make new connections from community organizations like PRSA¬†and JL. I’ve branched out and made the effort to get connected and it has certainty paid off.

Then, of course, there’s YOU. You wonderful blog friends! I never dreamed that when I first read Brittany’s blog, I’d end up looking forward to “talking” with all of you on an almost daily basis. I never thought I’d be so connected to a group of people, some of whom I’ve never met, whom I’ve never seen and who I may never actually get to know in person. But you are amazing. I look forward to hearing about your days every single day. Thanks for being you!

5) All the things — big and small — that make up good health. This year, just like every other year, I’ve been almost completely healthy. But, the little things can remind you of just how grateful you are to be able to function normally. Getting an eye infection or having a minor case of allergies or being so sore you can’t get out of bed or climb the stairs in your house¬†from a workout are things that make you grateful for the 1,000,000 other things about your body that are functioning just precisely as they should.

Today when I was at the mall, I saw a guy on this super heavy-duty Segway. At first, I was so intrigued by the big tire-style wheels that I didn’t notice — the reason he was using the Segway was because he had metal poles where his legs once were. And yet, he’s smiling, wheeling himself around and making a trip to the mall. That makes my whining about a headache or a problem with my contacts seem petty.

6) College basketball. Now that the season’s here, I am SO freaking excited. My favorite player took the court again this past week and I can tell that we’re headed toward good things this year. And, my in-laws have already purchased us tickets to several games for Christmas, so there’s no financial guilt in attending whatever games the law school schedule allows.

7) Good finances. As much as I worry about money, we’re in good shape. I got a very nice holiday bonus this week, which certainly made the week a little more exciting! While the prudent thing is probably to put it toward tuition, a part of me feels like “Hey, that’s my bonus….it’s laptop time!” Hmmm…..

8) My husband. Wednesday night, I went out with some friends. Prior to going out, I was moping around the house, reading “Life of Pi” and getting cranky. When he told me that he might take a study break and go out with me, I got so excited. I was surprised at my own reaction – I felt like I was getting to hang out with a celebrity or something – excited, happy, ecstatic. Even though he ended up not coming with me (opting for a date with civil procedure instead), my reaction made me think: “That’s the way love should be. Exuberant excitement to be with the one you love.” Even though he can irritate me, I do love my husband.

Okay, I’m going to be a rebel now and end without a #9 or #10, so this list isn’t a real list, but that’s okay. I hope you have a wonderful, beautiful Thanksgiving Day – you are all awesome and you all deserve it!

Ugg Boots

My mother wants Ugg boots for Christmas.

When I heard this, I thought to myself, “You live in rural Texas. You have no idea what Vera Bradley is. The nearest mall is over an hour from your house. Ugg boots?! Really?!”

Her rationale is that she has poor circulation, so her feet are always cold and the Ugg boots will keep them warm. Here’s what I think about the situation.

When I graduated from college, one of my aunts had recently come back from visiting her daughter and family in Australia. She gave me a pair of boots that she brought back as a graduation gift. They looked somewhat¬†like Uggs¬†from the outside; however, on the inside, they had synthetic black fur (obvious Ugg¬†no-no), which made them hot and uncomfortable instead of cosy like Uggs¬†are supposed to be. To be fair, my aunt didn’t try to pass them off as real Uggs¬†when she gave them to me. They didn’t have a tag or brand label, etc,. either. They were just ugg-ish (with a small “u”) boots.

Therefore, because they were uber-toasty and also tended to get sweaty inside, even with socks, I gave them to Goodwill after I’d had them for about three years. I think that’s perfectly reasonable, don’t you? They weren’t especially comfortable; they weren’t especially practical (it’s Texas, y’all – fleecy boots are not a necessity of life); and they probably weren’t particularly expensive. I had moved them from four different apartments and I had gotten rid of a lot of shoes that were no longer stylish or that were worn.

About a year later (this past summer), my mom called and asked if she could have those boots. Then, she proceeded to become very upset when she discovered I had given them to charity, because apparently giving something to charity that was given to you as a personal gift instead of giving it to your mother who never before expressed a wish for it is a crime.

Anyway, all that to say that she is now fixated on the idea of Ugg boots. She’s never had a pair; I don’t know if she’s ever tried on a pair, but because I gave those knock-off ones away, now she MUST have a pair at all costs.

Do you guys have parents with quirks like this?

I’m going to have to see if the sisters want to chip in.

PS Now that I’ve rambled on and on about boots, go check out the giveaway that Natalie wrote about on her blog. Wouldn’t it be hilarious if I won these and could give them to my mother for Christmas? ūüėČ

Cribs: Legally Married Edition

On this episode of Law School Cribs, I’d like to introduce you to: the Legally Married household during finals.

Let me tell you, people: it is not pretty.

And, I’m very concerned for the health and welfare of its inhabitants, especially considering that this week is actually only dead week, not even actual exam time.

Our living room floor. Please note not only the new rug (I need to take some overall pictures of the room to show you all because we’ve made a lot of changes), but also the stylish accessories, such as the 15-foot extension cord that is inexplicably being used to power the computer.

Moving on from there, we’ll take a look at the coffee table. While it hasn’t necessarily been a showpiece of the house even in good times (we got it for $5 from my mom’s office when they were replacing furniture), today, it’s really got something special going on, in the way of the casualties that were the hundreds of trees my husband has killed this semester.

Also, please note the half-loaf of bread that we’re apparently now using as a paperweight. You know, instead of a real paperweight?

Although at this juncture, I have to be fair and mention that while my husband has many papers and such scattered around, I have lots of just plain clutter everywhere — library books on the coffee table, pair of jeans on the floor by the coffee table, my cup I was drinking from yesterday on the floor (I don’t know why?!) on the other side of the coffee table. So, while he’s studious, I think I might be accused of being just plain messy.

The kitchen table. Now, my friend Amanda¬†has a blog post about a contest she’s entered based on her beautiful place setting of her dining room table (go read her post and vote for her everyone!).¬†I’ve borrowed her photo here¬†– hope that’s okay, Amanda!!¬†Why? Just to show you a bit of contrast between her beautiful, elegant table…

And what we’re working with here. ¬†

Flashcards, memo assignments, highlighters, and, why yes, that IS a pair of earplugs on the table back there. Also, in the chair, that’s my bag of extra clothes from this past weekend (I told you I’m being especially slobby….sigh).

Moving on to our final photo of the Legally Married casa, I give you: our kitchen counter.

For some reason, in addition to notebooks filled with practice exams, open textbooks and pages upon pages of notes,we also have:

1) A bracelet

2) A young adult fiction book (Emily Climbs – another Lucy Maud Montgomery classic)

3) A Jason’s Deli fork and napkin set. We haven’t been to Jason’s Deli since this summer. I have no idea why that’s there. By the way, does anyone else dislike how the napkins in those kinds of packs get really peppery-smelling?

So, while compiling this short photo essay, I’ve come to two conclusions. First, that I have a lot of junk around our downstairs. Second, that my husband has a lot of studying to do this week. I’m just thankful there are no photographs of mountains of takeout boxes or piles of dirty dishes. We’re being clean and healthy, just not tidy. ūüėČ