Alone Time

My husband is MIA.

I didn’t realize how good I had it earlier in the semester. He was getting up early, going to school around 6:30 a.m. and coming home around 7:30. Then, we’d eat go to the gym together, eat dinner and go to bed. Granted, we went to sleep a little earlier. And, he was taking Saturdays off as a day to relax with just a little bit of review, no meticulous reading and outlining.

Now, however, is a different story. He’s getting home later and later, eating dinner at school and coming home exhausted. Yesterday, he received his assignment for his final memo for Legal Research and Writing, which pretty much determines that I will not see him until it’s finished, when the memo is combined with all the studying he has to do on top of that.

Sigh. I should be — and I am — grateful for the time that I’ve gotten to spend with him. I know at the law school connected to our alma mater, I would never have gotten to see him. The students at that particular law school have the worst quality of life (but one of the highest bar passage rates) in the state. And, it’s not that I don’t have a lot of things to do, with NaNoWriMo, JL, work events and more – but sometimes you just miss hanging out with the person you love.

To look on the bright side, when I know he’s not going to be home, I can do a lot fewer dishes! No cooking meals for me anymore – last night, I just mixed up a package of Jiffy corn bread, popped it in the oven and ate some of it with milk for dinner. Just one dish, one cup and a napkin – how much easier can it get?! 😉

Law/med students out there, are your course loads getting heavier? And, significant others, what are you doing to deal with the extra “alone time”?

PS I think today is the last day for the Holy Turf contest! Click just a few more times por favor, and cross your fingers! I’ll let you know if we win!


5 responses to “Alone Time

  1. Yeah we’re adjusting to this too. But M has been MIA because of election stuff. PAYBACK. Just kidding 🙂

    I think everyone goes through cycles like this… Just remember winter break and summer aren’t that far off and it’s only 3 years!

    (and please remind me of that when I’m ready to jump off a bridge in a month….)

  2. I’m starting to go through the same thing as you. I know Mr. A will be needing to spend more and more time at the law school, and after Thanksgiving break? I probably won’t see him until Christmas break starts.

    Feel free to e-mail me anytime. I still have plenty of free time!

  3. I am just taking a study break to read this. Ha! I feel your pain. It’s hard on the student, but sometimes harder on the support-staff!

    Luckily (or not)I have an exam for pediatrics Friday too. So, J and I have both been studying a lot more lately, but I am actually loving it. We tend to both study at home right now so I am getting to see him more than usual in the evenings.

    And, I can’t resist reminding you, must be the med student in me: Don’t forget to eat your vegetables even though you’re cooking for one. Don’t want you to get scurvy or anything. 🙂

  4. Hang in there, when he graduates you can think back on these days and smile: they will all be behind you!

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