Can I Have Some Extra Crazy, Please?

Oh wow.

Today, I got a mysterious friend request from someone with no picture. The person’s name was Sandy Jones and the only information listed was that the person was male.

The only person I could think of named Sandy Jones was, so I thought, the nanny character Freddie Prinze Jr. played in a guest role on “Friends.”

(featured here with The Grumpus – oh, man, I laughed so hard when I watched this episode — but, I digress.)

Anyway, I’m looking at a couple of other things on Facebook when I see a message pop up in my inbox — from Sandy Jones.

The message is now being posted here for your enjoyment, and probably your secret sympathy:

SUBJECT: Sandy Jones…. I am your mother. ha!

Message: [myname]…sandyjones is my fb name. i’m a creeper. ha!
i pushed the wrong button and am a man on here. is that funny or what? ha ha ha 
jo  is trying not to friend me and i’m going to get that child. i hope you will be my friend. 🙂

I am still kind of laughing about this. Weirdo.

Background: Earlier this year, my mom did have a Facebook page. At that time, she sent all of her daughters a long message about how she did not want to be our Facebook friends and that we should not feel pressured to friend her. Beth and I did, but Jo did not (probably because she has a lot of slutty pictures on Facebook).

Then, one day, she sent another 15-page email saying that she was deleting her Facebook because too many people she knew wanted to be her friend. Which, I thought was the point of Facebook, but what do I know? So, I’m very amused that she’s back, transgendered and semi-anonymous in her new Facebook profile. Just wow.


6 responses to “Can I Have Some Extra Crazy, Please?

  1. That is so funny. My mom just responded to my facebook wall post that said “I love you mom, Happy Mother’s Day!” a few weeks ago. Clearly she’s way plugged in.

  2. lol. Your mom sound like she could be a character in a TV sitcom. Everyone would love her but shake their heads a little at the situations she gets into. 🙂

  3. HAHAHAHAHA. I love that she’s stalking her by being anonymous to see the page. Hilarious.

  4. I love stories of parents trying to figure out all things Internet. Your mom sounds cute. I give her props for trying… my mom can barely turn the computer on.

    And that Friends episode was one of my favorites.

  5. ha,ha love it. sounds like your Mom couldn’t get away from Facebook.

  6. Oh my goodness, that is the awesomest thing ever.

    I love that people don’t realize that they don’t have to put information on Facebook to stalk. I know several people who don’t have a wall – all communication has to be done through messaging, but it works for them. And they can stalk to their hearts content.

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