This blog post is probably going to be gross (so if you are squeamish, stop reading here), but I’m really frustrated. I feel like I “get sick” so much more than any other person I know. At least twice a month, I wake up with a headache, then spend the day at work going to the bathroom three or four times to throw up.

Why is this happening? I’ve had headaches that have caused me to get sick for most of my life. I’ve never been diagnosed with anything by a doctor. I don’t think they are migraines, as they don’t truly impair my other functions, other than making me feel like garbage. For example, I’m currently sitting in a brightly lit area, typing on a computer. I feel ill but not in debilitating pain.

I don’t usually talk about it with people, and I never take sick days, because I’m not contagious and I’d rather save my leave and not use it on things that are the complete opposite of fun. But, after Ducks had an actual stomach virus recently (which, strangely enough, I did not catch), I told him that he shouldn’t be such a baby and that throwing up was not a big deal. After all, I probably do that anywhere between four and twelve times every month. He looked at me like I was crazy and told me to go to a doctor because there’s no reason why a normal, healthy human should spend so much time dealing with nausea and other problems.

Any advice? Anyone else out there deal with similar problems? Today during the workday, I had to trek down the hall for unpleasant purposes three times. It was miserable. For a while, I thought it might be related to my birth control cycle, and some of them are, but today for instance, is not; it’s just a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day. (and, no, before anyone asks, I’m not pregnant. That’s the standard question I get at work whenever I look like I don’t feel well.)


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  1. Could it be from medication or supplements? Or a food allergy (dairy, gluten)? I would head to your doc, ASAP. I don’t think it’s normal. Really hope you’re okay!

  2. I’d see your doctor. I have no idea what it could be, but it sounds like whatever it is happens too often to ignore any longer, and you could find treatment and a relief in a diagnosis. Besides just your general well-being, vomiting often can quite literally ruin your teeth and esophagus. I’m sure your pretty pearly whites are worth a trip to the doctor 🙂 I hope you start feeling better soon!

  3. My friends always say “Jamie is a puker” so I’m right there with you….

    I’m just sensitive to things I guess. Lack of sleep, new foods, alcohol, medications, etc. I’m also diabetic. So I would definitely see your doctor.

  4. Sorry you are feeling crappy! Obviously I am not a doctor (yet) so you should still go see your doctor and not just head my advice, but they certainly sound to me like they could be migraines.

    Not all migraines are light-sensitive. Check this out:

    I would see your doctor so you can get some meds to try out. At the very least, your doc can give you something for the nausea so you don’t have to go through that every month!

  5. I get migraines. Luckily, I have found daily meds that make them uncommon, and even better meds to take when I get one that makes them pretty much go away after about an hour of dark and quiet. At my worst, I got 9 nigraines in a month and I was ready to cut my head off. However, without these things, and even with them if I can’t get to the pain meds quick enough, I have to get sick to make the pain subside. I have no option. I’m going to get sick. Strangely, I will start feeling better after that (and sleeping with an ice pack on my face). This was a long way of saying that I know how headaches can make you sick.

    Like others said, I would go to the doctor. It may not be migraines, but they could find something else and find a way to fix it. No need to be sick like that so often.

  6. Have you looked into diet intolerances? Maybe your gluten or dairy intolerant? I have had family members who have had a similar story to you and it turns out they have been eating food they are allergic to.

    Just a thought?

  7. You poor thing! Like everyone else already said, you definitely need to see a doctor. It sounds like migraines or food allergies. Nausea is just about one of the worst feelings so I have no idea how you’re getting through the day. Take care of yourself, sweetie.

  8. I agree with Ducks that it doesn’t sound normal, but I sympathize with your decision to put off a doctor visit. I hate trying to describe intermittent, subjective symptoms. It’s so much easier when there is an objective measurable problem like a fever, cough or pink eye. When I ‘m in a situation like yours, I try to keep a log of symptoms so that I have something concrete to share with the doctor and we can work from there.

  9. i don’t know much about medicine (though i like to tease my med school husband about how i’m the only doctor in the house – a JD counts!) but could it be an ear issue? balance is really important and the fluids in your ear affect that!

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