Law School Update

Since this blog is intended to tell you all how we’re doing as a law school family, I will interrupt the usual scheduled snark and angst to provide a few updates on Ducks and school:

1) In the middle of the big legal research and writing memo. I have read some of the cases for the memo, all of which are focused around the Fourth Amendment and the Fourteenth amendment. It’s really very interesting to read about people being abused. However, because I am not required to be very serious all the time with the reading, I just start thinking about the movie “Hollywood Homicide” and the way the one guy kept screaming “Police brutality” and running from Josh Hartnett. That’s pretty much all I remember from that move, because the only reason Jo and I went to see it was…for Josh Hartnett.

By the way, what has happened to him these days? Where is he?

2) Ducks has been studying a lot. He gets up and goes to school early in the morning – like 5 a.m. I stay in bed until 6:45 (super lazy). Then, he studies all day and comes home late. Sad.

3) Basketball has somewhat infringed upon study time. College basketball season is officially upon us, which means two games a week. Add to that the fact that college football is not yet over, and that’s a tremendous amount of sports-watching to do each week in addition to memos and outlining and reading sports message boards and managing fantasy football and basketball, that’s a lot stuff for one poor little law student to handle.

4) Our workouts have gone downhill this week. It’s been pretty sad. We usually try to go everyday and have been pretty successful, but the past few weeks have been super-slacker-y. For Ducks, he has an excuse. He’s studying. But, me? No excuses. I’ve only been ONCE. And today is Friday, people. I’m going to blame this week on the headache because I did feel pretty miserable for two days with it, but yesterday, there was no excuse, except, “It was cold and I didn’t want to go outside.” I resolve to be better this weekend.

5) We’re getting ready to buckle down for finals. Ducks’ last torts class is today. His last classes, period, are Tuesday. That means — finals are here. Study time is crucial. Thanksgiving is cancelled. And, Harry Potter shall not be watched until December 11. Also, I have a cold and I am very scared that I may have given it to him and it may impeded his study abilities. I should go buy him vitamins asap (that probably should have been its own numbered point but I only wanted five things in the list).

So, there’s the law school update. Now, we can go back to focusing on things that are interesting to me. 🙂

How are y’all doing?


10 responses to “Law School Update

  1. Well, I think I’m jealous that he’s done Dec. 11th. Mr. A isn’t done till the 17th. And he has classes/review the week after Thanksgiving then finals for two weeks. But, he also has all next week off. So he will be studying a lot this next week while I work a bajillion hours at work. Haha.

    Safe to assume Baylor is your favorite basketball team as well??

  2. My life sounds a lot like Ducks’s minus the college basketball and fantasy leagues! Oh, and my final memo was on felony possession of a firearm. If I ever hear that phrase again it will be TOO SOON!! My last class is Monday and finals start on the 29th. When I wake up on December 7th my first semester of law school will be over! And I WILL be fitting in some time with Mr. Harry Potter before then.

    You guys hang in there! And tell Ducks good luck on finals!

  3. It’s incredible what a team effort it takes to get a spouse through a graduate professional program. Keep it up everyone. The semester is almost over.

    I know how you feel about not wanting to get Ducks sick. Travis is prone to sinus infections and he started getting stuffy this week so I bought him a generic brand Netti Pot and have been insisting that he use it twice a day so he doesn’t get and infection and miss classes.

  4. Yay for law school updates!

    Sounds like ducks is in good shape with all the studying he’s doing! J is hitting the books more too, but luckily he only has three finals this year. All of his other classes have projects/ mock trials/ real trials as the final exam, and he is finished with those.

    I bet you and ducks are both looking forward to christmas break! I know J and I can’t wait.

    PS what did we decide about book club? I could meet the monday before x-mas for a meet&greet if anyone is into that!

  5. Oh man I’m definitely on a later schedule than he is 😦 But I am slowly dying. Ugh. I hate this part. But I did watch Harry Potter. Probably to my detriment. Not that I care that much apparently because now I’m reading blogs.

    >procrastination nation<

  6. My exams aren’t over til the 17th as well. I would call Ducks lucky, but I’m glad for the extra time.

    I was thinking of “cancelling” Tgiving, but we’re going to DS’s parents’ and I’m looking forward to it! I love getting out of this city, even though traffic will probably make me want to kill something (DC traffic makes me wish I had guns on the front and rear of the car.)

    I used to deny myself stuff like that, until I realized that it was like dieting and if I denied every craving (like Harry Potter) then I’d become resentful and say “fuck everything” and binge myself on all three seasons of Veronica Mars in (what felt like) a single sitting, completely ignoring my studies for days on end. So I give myself delicious little morsels of procrastination now and then and end up much happier and waayyy less resentful of law school.

    We’re going to see it today. So excited.

  7. Hooray for updates… I hate colds.

    I hear you on the postponed until finals are over thing… I’m doing that right now with grad school projects. Everything is “I’ll talk to you after December 7.” I’m not RSVPing for anything, going anywhere, its all the projects. OK, I lied, I went shopping last night and I am going to a wedding tonight. But still.

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