Thanksgiving Dilemma Solved

The choice has been made. And it’s a crucial one.

We have decided what we will eat for Thanksgiving dinner.

For a while, I was furrowed-browedly debating on this. Should we go for turkey and all the trimmings, or should we go with something unique? After all, it’s just the two of us and I only have one day off. Do I really want to spend the entire day in the kitchen?

I thought about doing an homage to Thanksgiving of some sort – maybe turkey enchiladas or something that involved cranberries and alcohol. And, I asked Ducks several times, obviously to no avail. So, since I’m not a law student and don’t have school things of my own to think about, I decided instead to spend many extra minutes of my daily drive, when “Fly Like a G-6” or Taylor Swift wasn’t playing to thinking about this food quandary.

Today’s shopping trip decided it. We are having a turkey breast and some of the traditional sides, although we will not be having either cranberry sauce or dressing. Which, just to interject here, holy cow, turkeys have giant breasts. I’m sorry to make the obviously joke here, but the turkey whose breast we purchased could totally have given Anna Nicole Smith a run for her money.

Anyway, we will be having mashed potatoes, green bean bundles and crescent rolls to go with our turkey breast. And for dessert: no pumpkin (gasp!). Instead, we’re going to have peach cobbler. With, of course, Blue Bell homemade vanilla, the world’s most delicious ice cream (question to northern friends: do you have Blue Bell up there?).

I remember the first year we were married – Christmas was mid-week and I had no vacation time left because of wedding planning, the wedding and the honeymoon. We made pesto chicken pasta on Christmas Eve and ate it on our wedding china in our tiny little apartment and it was a special memory. And, I know the Pilgrims didn’t probably have pesto (or Santa’s elves either, for that matter), but they were definitely missing out.

So, the meal obviously doesn’t matter. It’s the memories that count. This will be our first major holiday in our new house and I want to get out our wedding china for the first time in our new kitchen and drink from our fancy crystal goblets that we never use and set a beautiful Thanksgiving table. And, apparently, while I’m doing this, I’ll also be eating turkey.

What are your Thanksgiving plans?

12 responses to “Thanksgiving Dilemma Solved

  1. That’s really cool! Congrats on hosting your first!

    We made a Thanksgiving dinner just for kicks (and probably more because now we’ve been eating it for a week and haven’t had to cook. Like at all). But on the real day we’re hauling off to PA.

    Happy Turkey Day!

  2. Awh, I love it! That’s my total dream–to have my own Thanksgiving with the hubs. Never has happened–doubt it ever will. Sads.

    PS. I don’t like pumpkin pie. I’m thrilled that y’all are doing peach cobbler. YUM!

  3. Sounds delicious! Thanksgiving is such a yummy holiday!

    And, yes, turkeys can get HUGE. My littlest sister did a turkey for her 4-H project this past year and it weighed 40 pounds! It got reserve grand champion too; two of the local businesses went in together and bought it for $550! (We all wondered how on earth someone would cook a 40 pound turkey, but apparently they’re doing just that this Thanksgiving).

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving together, and enjoy the memories! xo.

  4. YUM! If you have any tips for making a whole thanksgiving meal yourself, please share them with me!

  5. Impressive. I’ve gone with reservations the past three years that we’ve been alone. Now, we’re going with crashing at a friend’s house.

    I am with you on the memories though. It is just the niceness of the holiday that matters.

  6. Happy Thanksgiving! Wish I was in the USA to celebrate this festive holiday. Do you plan to shop ’til you drop on Black Friday?

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