Cribs: Legally Married Edition

On this episode of Law School Cribs, I’d like to introduce you to: the Legally Married household during finals.

Let me tell you, people: it is not pretty.

And, I’m very concerned for the health and welfare of its inhabitants, especially considering that this week is actually only dead week, not even actual exam time.

Our living room floor. Please note not only the new rug (I need to take some overall pictures of the room to show you all because we’ve made a lot of changes), but also the stylish accessories, such as the 15-foot extension cord that is inexplicably being used to power the computer.

Moving on from there, we’ll take a look at the coffee table. While it hasn’t necessarily been a showpiece of the house even in good times (we got it for $5 from my mom’s office when they were replacing furniture), today, it’s really got something special going on, in the way of the casualties that were the hundreds of trees my husband has killed this semester.

Also, please note the half-loaf of bread that we’re apparently now using as a paperweight. You know, instead of a real paperweight?

Although at this juncture, I have to be fair and mention that while my husband has many papers and such scattered around, I have lots of just plain clutter everywhere — library books on the coffee table, pair of jeans on the floor by the coffee table, my cup I was drinking from yesterday on the floor (I don’t know why?!) on the other side of the coffee table. So, while he’s studious, I think I might be accused of being just plain messy.

The kitchen table. Now, my friend Amanda has a blog post about a contest she’s entered based on her beautiful place setting of her dining room table (go read her post and vote for her everyone!). I’ve borrowed her photo here – hope that’s okay, Amanda!! Why? Just to show you a bit of contrast between her beautiful, elegant table…

And what we’re working with here.  

Flashcards, memo assignments, highlighters, and, why yes, that IS a pair of earplugs on the table back there. Also, in the chair, that’s my bag of extra clothes from this past weekend (I told you I’m being especially slobby….sigh).

Moving on to our final photo of the Legally Married casa, I give you: our kitchen counter.

For some reason, in addition to notebooks filled with practice exams, open textbooks and pages upon pages of notes,we also have:

1) A bracelet

2) A young adult fiction book (Emily Climbs – another Lucy Maud Montgomery classic)

3) A Jason’s Deli fork and napkin set. We haven’t been to Jason’s Deli since this summer. I have no idea why that’s there. By the way, does anyone else dislike how the napkins in those kinds of packs get really peppery-smelling?

So, while compiling this short photo essay, I’ve come to two conclusions. First, that I have a lot of junk around our downstairs. Second, that my husband has a lot of studying to do this week. I’m just thankful there are no photographs of mountains of takeout boxes or piles of dirty dishes. We’re being clean and healthy, just not tidy. 😉

12 responses to “Cribs: Legally Married Edition

  1. OMG…you’ve been robbed!! Someone stole your desk and threw paper all around! Yikes, girl, that is a Situation…and not the Jersey six-pack kind, ya hear? Tell Ducks that he would get a whole lot more accomplished if he would tidy up a bit and then tackle the studying. I’m a total super freak and organized all my books and study materials last Sunday…okay, I was just procrastinating because I didn’t want to study, but it worked. My office looks awesome. Well, except for the small pile of paper on the floor of cases I’ve entered into my torts outline.

    Good luck…we’re nearing the light at the end of the tunnel!!

  2. I finally had to clean up last night. It was an “I-can’t-walk-around” situation. Did not want to come back from Thanksgiving and wade through all my crap to do finals studying.

  3. You are such a good wife! When jeff’s law school books and notes started exploding all over our house at finals last year, I got him two short shelves from a garage sale and set them in the living room for him to use. Worked pretty well! Finals time still gets crazy though…

  4. My husband is an OCD neat freak, so we don’t have the papers strewn about. I almost wish there was because then I could blame the mess on him and not just my laziness and inability to pick up after myself. Haha.

    Good luck to you both during finals. I wish, after it was over, you, me, Natalie @Tripping in Heels, and Jamie from Jamie Blogs could all get together. You and I could compare notes from the other side and they could relax and vent after finals. Haha.

  5. Heh. As a packrat who met my packrat wife in law school, I’d just like to say, no fair showing off neat your place is –you can still see the coffee table, the counter, and the carpet.

    It may be something contagious infection found in law schools or something related to law: lawyers kill legions of trees, and if you don’t keep up with the cleaning, the paper monster will take over. One of the partners I used to work for had a conference table in his office, or it was rumored that he had a conference table in his office. None of us could ever tell; we just saw a gigantic mound of paper. My first year, I let the monster get me, and people couldn’t see me behind the pile on my desk.

    If paper concerns you, stage an intervention (after finals, of course). For me, paper piles have become permanent. Sure, the contents and height of each pile may change over time, but now there are always stacks of paper in those places.

    • Ha! I can see that’s the direction we’re headed. Every week or so, I move a pile of papers upstairs to our office, at which time my husband complains he can’t find anything. 😉

  6. I am so glad I’m not the only one whose house looks like a Kinkos exploded during finals time! And DS thinks I’m just being messy. I have a desk, but it’s covered with sewing stuff, so I end up covering the entire living room rug and coffee table with piles of papers (they’re organized into piles at least!)

    Tell Ducks your internet friend said good luck on his finals!

  7. Haha, okay, my table so does not look like that on a regular basis. Yes, the pretty crystal bowl is always there, but it is normally surrounded by mail, my purse, anything we left on the table from dinner.

    Nick likes to study on the couch, so the coffee table, end tables and floor area get covered. Before my parents got here Sunday for Thanksgiving, I kept asking him to please, please, please move his papers to make the living room useable again since that’s where they would be sleeping. (We’ve got a really great air mattress.) Finally I got permission from Nick to just neatly stack the papers and he’d sort it later. That giant stack now remains five days later on our bookcase.

  8. Haha, with a law school husband, this wasn’t an unexpected peek! I have to constantly check my naturally messy, likes to leaves glasses of water everywhere like the girl from “Signs”, doesn’t remember he leaves clothing everywhere husband. I’m not naturally a neat freak but have become neater because he’s messier! That and luckily we live in Asia now where a maid coming in for 2 hours costs about as much as a nice lunch.

    Thanks for the birthday wishes dear and yes, lmk if you want to trade cards 😉

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