Ugg Boots

My mother wants Ugg boots for Christmas.

When I heard this, I thought to myself, “You live in rural Texas. You have no idea what Vera Bradley is. The nearest mall is over an hour from your house. Ugg boots?! Really?!”

Her rationale is that she has poor circulation, so her feet are always cold and the Ugg boots will keep them warm. Here’s what I think about the situation.

When I graduated from college, one of my aunts had recently come back from visiting her daughter and family in Australia. She gave me a pair of boots that she brought back as a graduation gift. They looked somewhat like Uggs from the outside; however, on the inside, they had synthetic black fur (obvious Ugg no-no), which made them hot and uncomfortable instead of cosy like Uggs are supposed to be. To be fair, my aunt didn’t try to pass them off as real Uggs when she gave them to me. They didn’t have a tag or brand label, etc,. either. They were just ugg-ish (with a small “u”) boots.

Therefore, because they were uber-toasty and also tended to get sweaty inside, even with socks, I gave them to Goodwill after I’d had them for about three years. I think that’s perfectly reasonable, don’t you? They weren’t especially comfortable; they weren’t especially practical (it’s Texas, y’all – fleecy boots are not a necessity of life); and they probably weren’t particularly expensive. I had moved them from four different apartments and I had gotten rid of a lot of shoes that were no longer stylish or that were worn.

About a year later (this past summer), my mom called and asked if she could have those boots. Then, she proceeded to become very upset when she discovered I had given them to charity, because apparently giving something to charity that was given to you as a personal gift instead of giving it to your mother who never before expressed a wish for it is a crime.

Anyway, all that to say that she is now fixated on the idea of Ugg boots. She’s never had a pair; I don’t know if she’s ever tried on a pair, but because I gave those knock-off ones away, now she MUST have a pair at all costs.

Do you guys have parents with quirks like this?

I’m going to have to see if the sisters want to chip in.

PS Now that I’ve rambled on and on about boots, go check out the giveaway that Natalie wrote about on her blog. Wouldn’t it be hilarious if I won these and could give them to my mother for Christmas? 😉

8 responses to “Ugg Boots

  1. That’s hilarious. Uggs aren’t really my thing. Probably because I hate my feet getting hot or feeling trapped. I have feet issues. Hopefully you can find some and I hope she loves them!

  2. yes. my mom has CRAZY quirks! I totally understand. (and i don’t think you should have saved them after THREE YEARS!)

    and it would be fab if you won these!

  3. That’s really funny. My mom has them too. I think it’s an empty nester thing. They get fixated on stuff that’s totally impractical/unhelpful lol

    • Hehe….but sadly for my mom, she’s not even an empty nester yet. She still has a 12-year-old at home. But I do agree that she maybe wants to control my shoes and where they end up because she can’t control anything else in my life. 😉

  4. Can’t say I have experience here, but I think your mom is funny. I’m amazed she even remembered the boots! Perhaps she wanted to try out her theory of keeping her feet warm before spending her own money, and she knew you weren’t wearing them (it being Texas and all)?

  5. Is she maybe trying to be hip? She heard the buzz, and wants to up her cool factor. 🙂

    Hopefully you win Natalie’s contest. That would be very cool.

    • Could be, but since the rest of her list included – “white turtleneck because my other one has a big stain on it” and “new socks,” I’m a little doubtful. Maybe she’s wants to be the hippest 50-year-old on the block…..I mean, pasture. 😉

  6. hahaha, your mom is hilarious. do you think she would be okay with ugg knockoffs? I had a pair of purple fuggs from TJ max back in the day and loved them. Yes, they were hideous, but i am a cold-footed person (even in texas!) and i didn’t care!

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