Should I Spend It?

Okay, friends, I have a couple of questions about things I want to buy, so I’m going to let you guys be Suze Orman and “approve or deny” me.

First, a second Christmas tree. We already have one artificial tree that we bought when we first got married. It was very, very inexpensive (I think $40?) and it’s kind of sparse-looking. So, anyway, we’ve had it for two Christmases and I don’t want to get rid of it, because it was our first tree, but I kind of want another tree for downstairs and to put the old tree upstairs and decorate it with our college colors and college ornaments.

Would this be extravagant? What do you think?

Second, the much-talked-of (by me) laptop. I still really want a computer and I feel that it could almost be termed as a need because it would help me with my writing (okay, seriously, I know two computers are really more of a luxury than a need, especially when I already have an iPhone).

The reason I’m debating all this is because I got my yearly bonus this week. It was a lot more than I expected, or than I had ever gotten before. So, now of course, instead of putting it all in savings, I want to spend some of it. The question is: should I? Or should I just wait and show a little self-control? As an aside, I actually did take 2/3 of the bonus and put it into savings (probably to be used toward law school tuition), and the other 1/3 would more than cover both these purchases.

So, let me know what you think. My Facebook friends seem to be fully in approval of the second tree, but I haven’t asked them about the computer.

9 responses to “Should I Spend It?

  1. I think a laptop is totally legit. My fiance’s sort of died right when I needed one for school (no way could we afford two). The compromise was that he got an iPad which works really well for him. I had a computer meltdown during college and didn’t want to buy a new laptop so I got a netbook instead. Laptops are soooo expensive but I think we all want to die when we don’t have computer access. Totally justified if you decide to get one 🙂

  2. Here’s my utilitarian answer. One big purchases (over $50), I usually wait about two weeks and see if I still feel the same way about the item. It sounds like you’ve already done this with the laptop so go for it. You’ll get daily use out of it for several years. I’d wait a few weeks on the second tree. BTW, have you looked on Craigslist? An artificial tree is the perfect Craigslist item: seldom used, in good supply and probably in great shape.

  3. Ohhhh tough decision! I say think that you should treat yourself but make sure you put some of it into savings.

  4. I think as long as you put most of it into savings, then treat yourself if you can afford it. I’m for both if you can afford it, if only one, then the laptop. And yay for bonuses!!

  5. I firmly believe in treating yourself. Great that you put away most of it already too! Oh and I hate to admit it but technology needs to be replaced pretty readily and if you want a new computer, go for it (coming from a lady who is going to allow her husband to “gift” her a computer because this one is slowly dying)

  6. I still use an artificial, 3 1/2-foot-tall tree that I bought for $20 from a random thrift shop when I as a student. When the tree is empty and just out of the box, the it looks scrawny and terrible. My wife and I made a habit of picking up ornaments whenever we go on vacation, visit someplace interesting, or otherwise want to remember something interesting that happened (it’s a nice reminder every Christmas of all of the things we’ve been through … and it’s a nice reminder every January of aaaaaaaallllll of the things we’ve been through). Over the years, we’ve accumulated hundreds of ornaments (including lots of red/gold glass balls as filler), and once all of them have been placed on the tree, the scrawny tree looks amazing.

    It’s not a very economical or timely method of sprucing up a cheap tree (we’ve spent untold amounts on ornaments over the years), but I’m not replacing that tree any time soon.

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