Decision on the Tree

Not much blogging from me for the next few days as Ducks is using the computer for a take-home final. I was able to steal it for a few minutes to give you an update – we are not getting a second tree.

I’m still going to spend money to get a laptop and will probably order it this week, but I decided that the tree is not a priority on the spending list right now. I appreciate everyone’s advice, but the person who ultimately swayed me was Abbey. Why? Because of her beautiful post (go read it right now!) on her Christmas decorations and appreciating simple gifts.

Go check this out immediately – it’s so cool! That’s all I really have for now – once again, I was awed by her creativity and how she makes me see the beauty in the world around me. And that’s why I’m not getting a second tree. 🙂


7 responses to “Decision on the Tree

  1. Wow. I’m so humbled that my tree has influenced your decision. I hope it sets the tone for abundent but simple holiday season.

  2. Such a great post!

    And I’d say yes go for the laptop. As a law student, it drives me bonkers when the boy wants to use my computer. THAT’S.FOR.OUTLINING!

    (and blogging and commenting on blogs…. duh)

  3. i think you made a good choice!

  4. YAY for new laptops! What kind are you getting?

  5. are you going to do a “tree alternative” similar to abbeys? I thought that was so cool.

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