To Post or Not to Post

What do you all do when you have a post that you really, really want to share, but then think it might be a bad idea?

I often think about writing things that are maybe not pleasant or wise. What I usually end up doing is writing it all out, getting everything expressed, then not doing anything with it. Also, sometimes, I email New Teacher, New Wife and express my thoughts to her, but for the most part, you guys don’t have to listen to my rants about the little things that brush the bloom off life.

And, the reason for this is not (unfortunately) because I’m a good person. Perish the thought. It’s because I don’t want to somehow end up getting “caught” writing something not-so-nice and have my blog be discovered and the secrets all out in the open. My opinions on the situation are exactly the same; I’m just being prudent by not putting those opinions into cyberspace, I guess.

Anyway, all that to say that this weekend, I wrote another blog post about this person that annoys me. But, in an effort to be a better person, I’m not publishing it (okay, again, not really in an effort to be a better person, but in an effort to not put things out there that could come back to haunt me). So, I’ll just leave what she did to your imagination. But, I doubt that you can imagine the bizarre-ness.

Hope you guys have a great day and are assaulted by no one’s delusions of grandeur.

8 responses to “To Post or Not to Post

  1. and are assaulted by no one’s delusions of grandeur.

    Maybe someday but not in law school 😛

    I think about this a lot too. I have a lot of saved drafts and a lot of potential bridges to burn LOL. I actually had an old blog that I had to take down for that reason though, so now I think a lot more before I publish!

  2. I can totally relate. Especially since we work in this industry, we have to watch our toosh.

  3. hahaha well now I am just super curious about what happened… I say what’s the point of hanging out with someone you dont care for if you can’t even use the stories for entertainment? jk, I agree it’s good to be prudent online. I will just have to remember ask you again in person!

  4. Totally up to you, but yes, once it’s out there, it’s out there and some may still misinterpret or not understand your side (recalling an experience where a bridal blogger called me stupid and selfish for even thinking about a bridal shower).

  5. My general rule is if I have think about whether a post will will hurt somebody’s feelings I don’t post it. I am always surprised about who is reading my blog so I never want to risk it!

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