Breaking Up is Hard to Do

This week, we received some very disgruntling and saddening news.

K, my co-worker, is leaving our office to stay at home with her sweet baby girl. She came back to work for several months after her maternity leave, so we were used to having her back again, and now she’s leaving us.

This is kind of awkward to write, perhaps, because K is my only co-worker and “real life” friend who knows about my blog, so she’ll read this, but we are all very sad. I cried and had to restrain myself from sobbing loudly and losing any semblance of dignity.

I think I’ve written about this before, but at work, there are four of us girls who are paired off into two “couples” — L and I are “work girlfriends” and H and K are work girlfriends. K is the maid of honor is H’s upcoming wedding and they’ve worked together for seven years. The four of us share an affinity for Vera Bradley and I especially love K because she shares my same sarcastic sense of humor and appreciates my comedic timing. I don’t know what I’ll do when she’s not around to appreciate my asides and my random comments. The guy with the desk next to me is, to all intents and purposes, deaf and his sense of humor runs more to knock-knock and Laffy Taffy jokes. K and L’s boss thinks it’s important not to show a sense of humor at work. H is in a different section of the building from us (because she’s muy important and has her own window office) and L gets really focused on her work and doesn’t hear my snarkiness.

Plus, she’s also just sweet, funny, an awesome cook and a fellow book lover who lends me all kinds of good reads. How could we let such a girl escape from our office?!

It’s  such a blessed thing to have so many lovely, lively co-workers, but K is going to leave an open spot in our office that will make her irreplaceable.

The one upside: since she’s going to be a stay-at-home-mom for a few months while she finishes her master’s, she’ll pretty much be required to bring her sweet daughter with her whenever she comes to hang out with us, right?


5 responses to “Breaking Up is Hard to Do

  1. That’s super sad. One of my good friends at school left in October because she found out she was pregnant and had to change her plan a bit. I think I cried for three nights. Our friends and family come first but seriously you end up spending so many hours with work/school friends that they are often just as important. Hang in there 😦

  2. Aww just make sure you still see her then and yes that she brings her daughter out!

  3. sigh … i did indeed read it … actually this morning at home and I started crying so I figured…aaah, K give yourself a little time to think about what you want to say. So, my thoughts are – my heart is breaking to leave you guys (well, most of you anyway!). And I would know this well, as it breaks every morning as my husband drives away with my daughter to school (and we call it school and not daycare because somehow that makes me feel better). I digress however … I’m also excited (and scared beyond belief) to soon be home with daughter everyday. So I read this blog post and I cry because it’s so reassuring to know you are loved and the selfish part of me celebrates because people will miss me – and the other part just feels bad to be leaving wonderful people who make my life better everyday. I don’t honestly know what I will do without them. You (and H and L) are what got me through the first couple of weeks when I honestly thought I could not make it. I am forever in your debt and I promise you will hear from me and see me often enough to say – Really? Doesn’t she have something better to do? 😉 Love and hugs all the day long… thank you for making me feel loved in this uncertain time, I can’t adequately express my gratitude to you!

  4. aw. change is exciting at times but difficult at others. wishing you and K the best.

  5. Oh no that sucks! We have a similar situation happening in my office. Such a bummer when a friend leaves! Makes work a bit dreary for awhile. 😦

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