Troy Polamalu = Awesome

I noticed this today and just had to write a quick note.

1) Realized Troy Polamalu was on Twitter (Jamie, did you know this?!)

2) I saw this tweet that he posted that I thought was really cool.

Isn’t that awesome? Instead of basing it all around himself, like “tweet that you love Troy Polamalu” or “tweet Troy’s total number of tackles” or whatever, he’s activating social good. And, I think that’s amazing. I have long thought that he was great, not only because he’s Samoan and therefore probably related to me, but because he’s so devout and has a strong work ethic and is a good role model.

Anyway, that’s enough commentary. Just thought this was really wonderful and wanted to share.

2 responses to “Troy Polamalu = Awesome

  1. He is SO amazing!!! I didn’t know he was on Twitter but now he has a new follower 🙂

    Such a good guy. Such a smart guy too (I think he is the only NFL player in PBK). Love him. Wish the NFL had more players like that.

  2. Thank you for your kind words to Troy, from my vantage, he really appreciates it. 🙂

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