A Ghost?

Okay, something very strange happened to me this morning.

I’m sure it wasn’t a ghost, but I don’t know what could have happened. Last night, I took out my contacts right before bed and put them in a case that had been in the bathroom cabinet. They were a new pair, so I just grabbed a different, older empty case, so I could keep the other case with the most recent lenses for backup.

This morning, I got up and began my usual getting ready routine. I went to the bathroom and put my contacts in and I couldn’t see anything! I thought this was really weird, so I took them out again and I could see perfectly. Without contacts. Or so I thought. Turns out that I already had contacts in. How did this happen? Did I sleepwalk and put in contacts in my sleep? Where did they come from? Since my other pair and my back up pair were still in the case, I am totally at a loss and freaked out. Eeek! What happened?!

Sleepwalking? But that would be some impressive sleepwalking to put contacts on in the night. Eeesh. I don’t know.

In other notes, I have promised my co-workers that I will go to the doctor if my cold doesn’t get well by Wednesday. I originally said Friday but then they revised the date for me, because apparently, I’ve been ill for three weeks (they tracked it on the calendar). And they’re tired of hearing me cough.


6 responses to “A Ghost?

  1. I’ve done something similar before… except I grabbed the contact case, filled it w/ solution and then put the caps on. I never actually took my contacts out… I was so puzzled the next morning when I woke up and was able to see the time on my alarm clock clearly. Or it was a ghost, totally. 😉

  2. Nick and I keep track of what the other one does when they’re sleeping without remembering and point these things out in the morning. (It’s turned into a cute/funny thing.) Since I always fall asleep before he goes to bed (and usually on his side of the bed), there’s always some conversation he has with me that I have absolutely no memory of in the morning related to this.

    Nothing quite as impressive as the contacts though. That is strange.

    But feel better soon. 🙂

  3. I switch contacts with my fiance all the time. And every time I am sure the world is ending. Or that I’m going blind from diabetes, like, literally overnight.

  4. j said we got a card in the mail today from you!! can’t wait to see it. hope your cold goes away- glad you have co-workers taking care of you.

  5. Well, just so you know, we aren’t dying of TB or whopping cough. Just an awful cold. I got a rx for cough syrup with codeine and a steroid inhaler–sadly, nothing is working. I just the walking dead. I say, take some Advil PM, knock yourself the heck out at like 8PM and sleep it off. See also: my gameplan for tonight.

    Feel better!

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