We are officially done with finals.

Free at last!

This weekend was so nice. I didn’t really fully realize what it was like to have the continual specter of studying hanging over our activities, but I felt like I actually got to be best friends with Ducks again. We watched some basketball and football; we went to Chris Madrid; we ran errands — and we did all of this together. One of the things I’ve missed the most during this past semester is that we haven’t gone to the grocery store together. Before law school, we would shop together so that we could spend that time enjoying each others’ company, but once school started, that wasn’t on the priority list anymore.

We drove downtown and walked on the Riverwalk and looked at Christmas lights — something that we hadn’t had a chance to do yet, because of the continual plague that was studying. It was just so fun and so peaceful because he wasn’t stressing out about class, or studying, or reviewing flashcards or writing memos. And I wasn’t stressing out about it either.

Just one pic - others didn't turn out well from my phone

We even ended up staying up late last night because we invented a new quiz game in which you must memorize the colleges that various professional basketball players attended (okay, I never said it was an EXCITING weekend, just a good one!).

And today, he’s back to work. We are really lucky that he has good, real salary-paying work for the break, instead of delivering pizza (which would be fine; he’s done it before in his adult life. I just think it’s speaks well for him that his previous job wants him back.).

So, anyway, hope everyone else emerges from the finals tunnel soon! It’s a lot more fun on the other side. How were your weekends?


7 responses to “Freedom!

  1. yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So exciting for both of you! Please tell Ducks congratulations from me. I can’t wait for that feeling come Thursday. It will be glorious!

  2. Fun stuff! Congrats to your hubs 🙂 I find that we spend our down time a lot more low-key in law school too… It’s less about going out, more about actually being able to see each other and talk!

  3. Yay…so glad finals are over and you guys got to spend a nice weekend together! We did similar wandering around this weekend as well. I made some of my family meet up in downtown Grapevine Friday night to look at Christmas lights…afterall it IS the Christmas Capitol of Texas!! We ate dinner and then watched a band in a bar on Main St. Nothing like seeing my parents close down a bar!! It was great fun!

  4. Holy cow, congrats! (To both of you for making it through exams, as I know it’s hard on DS when I’m so stressed too!)

    Enjoy your holidays!

  5. aww that is so great. I cant wait to be done with exams this Friday. And I get to see you next week!!

  6. Congrats to Ducks! He must be so relieved and while school is great, getting paid is even better 🙂

  7. Hey congrats! Double to Ducks for finding a job in this legal market.

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