On Suspensions

No, this has nothing to do with law school, so don’t freak out. Ducks hasn’t violated the honor code or anything else crazy. But it does make me think I want to start a separate sports blog.

I do not understand the rationale of the NCAA. Today, I read about the K-State suspensions for basketball players receiving inappropriate benefits. Players are being suspended for several games (Jacob Pullen) or indefinitely (Curtis Kelly) because they received a “substantial discount” from a clothing store. Which, I guess, basically means that the store gave them the clothes for free or for a negligible amount.

I know the reason so many crazy detailed rules are in place is because of things like the SMU scandal (aka Pony Excess – watch this asap) and because cheating had gotten so out-of-control. However, it seems like things are super ticky-tack, to use a random word. Where’s the line? It’s not okay for Pullen to take clothes that a store offers him, but it’s okay for Cam Newton’s dad to ask for $200,000 as long as he lies through his teeth and says Cam never knew he was asking, OR as long as the school itself doesn’t say yes, and its boosters don’t say yes either? So, there’s no impetus for morality on the part of the players and their parents/family, just on the part of those who might want to help a college student out, or let them know that their contributions on behalf of the school are appreciated.

I will personally say two things:

1) This is not a blog post in support of Kansas State. I despise them, just like I despise every other Big 12 team, and really every other team, period, except my own. (Whew – just had to say that…didn’t want you to think I was crushing on either Beard Man or the original Mr. Angry Eyes – aka Coach Martin. But here’s his picture, because I find him hilarious).

2) I personally feel that our college sports teams have truly enriched my life. I would love to be able to do something nice for these guys, because I think they are awesome. And morally upstanding. And fun to watch, or to talk to on Twitter (yay Twitter!).  But I will never be able to give them even a cookie. A cookie, people! On this point, I will say that perhaps Ducks did them a favor when he ruined my life by throwing away my cheesecake.

Basically, all this rambling to say that I am sad about these suspensions, even though I do believe in following the rules, even though I’m sure things could spiral out of control quickly, even though it’s affecting a school that I consider a strong competitor/conference rival/borderline enemy (but that’s probably just me, on the enemy part). Mostly because having their best player and a Player of the Year candidate out will hurt their RPI and make them less competitive in conference, which will then in turn hurt us.

So, basically, it’s all about me.

I’ve missed you guys! I resolve to be a better blogger in the near future – we have been SO busy with graduations, conferences, Christmas. More on all this later.


4 responses to “On Suspensions

  1. Yeah, granted we are UA fans, but mention Cam Newton right now and Nick goes into full-on rant mode. Yeah, I’m not getting into this, but it’s so uneven.

    But I hope y’all have a great Christmas and New Years. And that you haven’t totally dropped off from blogging and Twitter. Enjoy spending time with Ducks during the break. 🙂

    • I think there are minor errors and then major errors….and the NCAA situation is just a complete mess. If I were an SEC fan, I would be foaming at the mouth right now at the Cam Newton situation. It’s so blatant, and honestly, he’s not even a good person. Stealing, academic fraud, etc., – all on top of the MAJOR issue.

      But then on the other end of the scale, there’s the fact that Tom Izzo, a paragon of NCAA basketball had to sit out a game for a secondary violation of hiring a guy who once worked at an elite camp. The Pullen thing is somewhere in the middle, and I guess more facts probably have to come out, but I think the whole system is frustrating no matter where you stand.

  2. As a kid who did NCAA sports for 3 years and someone who is married to a guy who was born to play college polo, I totally agree. It’s a BS organization that does nothing to serve the players it claims to represent. These kids do more for the schools than the schools could ever hope to do in return. It doesn’t matter whether the player is a star or just another kid who plays for their school, NCAA screws everyone.

    End rant 😉

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